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The Maltonian Website

Progress Update

Welcome to the new Maltonian Website. Work started on 25/10/13 and the main framework was completed by 1/5/14. The intention is to add new content every week.

The site provides an archive for former students and staff, as well as advice on how to help the current students at Malton School, and a reference point to tell its story over so many years.


Malton School Archive

This site will hold all the archive material Malton School has, together with items people have sent in over the years.

From 27 February 2014 the old site is no longer accessible. If there is something you want and it is not yet on the new site, let me know and I will make it a priority to upload.


Site Manager

The site is being created and managed by Steve Fearnley, former deputy head at Malton School 1993-2012. It is very much a work in progress, but he is committed to its completion.


No fee required, just fill in a short online form to show your interest.

The Maltonians Contact Site

The Maltonian was a school magazine published by Malton Grammar School each term, from 1917 until 1971. Most copies still survive in the school archive.

The Maltonians website first appeared in 1999. It was created by Malton School's deputy head at the time, Steve Fearnley, and was intended to exploit the relatively new phenomenon of growing internet access to share memories of the School's past.

The old school website, created by Graham Magee, and the Maltonians site were frozen in 2011, when the school bought a commercially produced website.

The Maltonian Web

With the new 2011 website operational, the intention was to migrate material from the old site, but in reality the task proved too large, particularly when Steve Fearnley retired in summer 2012.

He spent the first year of his retirement doing various activities, including setting up a small business and a website to go with it ( Towards the end of 2013 Steve returned to the old website, and is gradually creating this new Maltonian Web to hold and share the School's remarkable archive with anyone interested enough to browse on the internet.


The Maltonian Web will aim to display all the photographs which are in the school's archive. These start in 1911 and go up to the present day. There will be a policy of not including named individual photos of current students.



Many archive documents have already been converted to a web format. These will appear on the site in that format, whilst others will be scanned as pdf documents and included as a downloadable resource.


Facts and figures

During Steve Fearnley's research for the website and his book, The History of Malton School 1547-2006, a number of databases with facts and fgures were set up. These will be available on the site for reference.



The first Maltonians site initiated responses from all over the world as people made contact, sent their memories in electronic or tangible form, and updated people on their current lives and activities. Hopefully such contacts will continue to appear and be recorded on the site. To show your support, please register as a Friend of Malton School (no fee involved.)


The School is proud of its long history, and welcomes contacts from former students and staff.


Reunions and visits

The school has organised the occasional reunion - for example to celebrate 100 years of the school on the Middlecave Road site in 2011 (and 40 years as "Malton School"). However other groups do organise reunions with their school friends, and the school has been happy to accommodate visits or help publicise such events if it can. Also a number of former students, and staff, have contacted the school to ask if they could visit, and have been welcomed back and shown around the school as it is today.

People can either contact the school directly at, or through Steve Fearnley.


A History of Malton School 1547-2006

Copies of our book telling its story in words and pictures are still available, now at the reduced price of only £10. More

Make a bequest

The School has benefited from donations and bequests in the past, most notably a bequest from Alma Collier which allowed the creation of a new library, and more recently from Alex Joannidis (in 2014) and Sheila Pratt (in 2015). If you would like to make a bequest or a donation, please read more below, or get in touch with the headteacher about how you can help.



'Good luck with the new website Steve. I am sure many people will appreciate the pages to be found and the memories they trigger.'

Rob Williams, Headteacher,
2006-present day