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Making a bequest to the
Friends of Malton School

Legacy bequests are a very tax efficient way of donating as they are free from inheritance tax, and gifts of shares and property are exempt from capital gains tax.

If you decide to leave a legacy to Malton School, we would be grateful if you could notify us by completing a Pledge Form, though of course this is entirely optional. This is not a requirement but it does assist the School in its long term financial planning.

If you have already made your will it is simple to add a codici. A sample form is available to download.

There are several different types of bequest which can be made when writing or amending a will. The list on the right may help you decide on the method which best suits you.

For an example of how a £20000 bequest helped fund a new library for the school, see the page on Alma Collier. Alex Joannidis, former Head of English 1968-1992 made a £3000 bequest to the English department. For more on the Memorial Prize in his name and some notes about Alex see the In Memoriam Page. Sheila Pratt left £100000 in 2015. The School is still considering how best to use the money.

Making a will is an important step and it is recommended that you seek independent professional legal advice. When making a bequest in your will, please note that the beneficiary should be Malton School, Registered Charity No 1052821.

If you would like further information please contact the School's finance officer, Jane Richardson, on 01653 692828.

Types of legacy:

A pecuniary legacy allows you to leave a specific sum of money. Over time the value of this bequest may decrease with inflation, but it is possible to index link the sum to preserve its current value.

A residuary legacy is the gift of the remainder of your estate (or a percentage) after all other gifts to friends and family have been distributed and all outgoings have been settled. A residuary legacy is generally of the greatest benefit to Malton School as its value increases in line with inflation.

A reversionary legacy involves leaving your assets to trustees so that family members or other beneficiaries can enjoy the income during their lifetimes, with all or a portion of the capital going to Malton School after their deaths.

A conditional legacy provides for the eventuality that if none of your named dependants survives you, your estate will be left to other named beneficiaries and charities, such as Malton School

A specific or non-money legacy allows you to make a bequest in the form of shares, property, valuables and works of art, which may be either kept or sold by Malton School.

Alternative donations

If you just wish to make a simple, straightforward donation, you can use the Paypal Donate button below.