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Friends of Malton School

Possible ways to help the school.

It is an obvious thing to say, but the school can always make good use of additional funding.

If you would like to formally register your support for the School and be added to the Friends list, simply fill in a form. There is no fee involved. The form allows you to indicate the level of contact and anonymity you would like.

Fundraising at Malton School

If you wish to consider making a donation of any kind, please check our page on ideas for donations. The school fund is a registered charity. Alternatively you can make a simple, quick donation by clicking the Donate button below.



For more on making a bequest to the school, including sample forms, there is a special page with further details.

The phrase Friends of Malton School was first used in October 2008, to provide a focus for the various people who wished to help the school financially or in other ways. Three annual newsletters were produced in January 2009, 2011 and 2012. A number of people did make contributions, and are listed in these newsletters. Many thanks.

Malton School PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) raises money through social events and has helped provide many additional facilities for which the school is most grateful.

There have also been sponsored events and fundraising drives for specific projects, most notably the new library in 1999, the Specialist Science initiative in 2004, and sports equipment in 2009. An annual sponsored walk in September raises money for different departmental projects in school.

For an example of how a bequest helped fund the new library for the school, see the page on Alma Collier.

If you are considering making a bequest, then please note that making a will is an important step and it is recommended that you seek independent professional legal advice. When making a bequest in your will, please note that the beneficiary should be Malton School Fund, Registered Charity No 1052821.

If you would like further information on financial issues realting to a donation, please contact the School's finance officer, Jane Richardson FCCA, on 01653 692828, or via email at .

Malton School Fund

Registered Charity No:1052821

The charity is governed by a Constitution adopted on 11 December 1995 and is a registered charity, number 1052821. The object of the charity is to advance the education of the pupils of Malton School by providing or assisting the provision of educational and other charitable facilities in augmentation of such facilities financed by the Local Education Authority.
The trustees will give due regard to guidance published by the Charity Commission on public benefit. The trustees consider the advancement of education of the pupils of Malton School to be a benefit to the public.
The charity is organised as an independent unit which is managed by a Board of Trustees. The trustees are the 16 governors of the school.


Malton School Endowment

Registered Charity 529624

Money from the sale of the old school was invested providing a relatively small endowment of around £10000 per year. Scheme of government registered in 1972. There are 13 trustees who manage the fund.

The object of the charity is to provide such benefits, of any kind not normally provided by the Local Education Authority, for Malton School, Malton, as agreed between the charity's governors and the governors of the school. after consultation with the local authority.