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The Maltonian Database: Staff list - Malton School Present Day

Name From Subjects; comments
Abbott, Mrs Alex 18/11/2011 Reprographics, midday supervisor. Previously Mrs Pain
Allan, Mrs Amy 1/6/09 Learning manager
Allan, Mrs Fiona 8/12/2008 Clerical assistant (KS5 admin / KS3 pastoral)
Beal, Mrs Sam 1/9/05 Teaching assistant
Beever, Mrs Tracey 13/7/2015 Clerical assistant
Bloxwich, Mrs Carolyn 1/9/2010 English
Brown, Mr Philip 22/4/2014 Maths
Brunt, Mrs Megan 1/9/2012 Modern Languages. Formerly Miss Butcher
Burrow, Miss Nicola 1/9/13 History and RE
Butcher, Megan 1/9/2012 Modern Languages. Married to become Mrs Brunt
Caborn, Mrs Helen Sept 2008 Geography. Married to become Mrs Wilson
Cassedy, Miss Lindsey 1/1/2015 History Teacher
Cooke, Mrs Lorraine Dec 2003 Clerical assistant - attendance
Cook, Robert Sept 2001 Head of Geography, Boys Games. Head of Sixth Form 2012.
Cooper, Nicky-Jo Sept 2008 Science. Left Sept 2012 - Jan 2014
Criddle, Karen Sept 2004 Maths curriculum assistant. Maths teacher from 2007
Dale, Mrs Jo-Anne 4/11/2014 Sports Coordinator
Davison, Lucy 18/2/08 KS3 Pastoral officer. Head of KS3
Edwards, Gareth 1/9/03 Head of Maths. From Pocklington Woldgate School
Eldrett, Mrs Pauline Sept 2009 Married - formerly Pauline Warburton. Head of Science
Else, Mark Sept 2013 Special Needs Coordinator
Gaunt, Mr David 1/9/2015 Food technology teacher
Goodyear, Alex Sept 2006 ICT technician. ICT manager 2007-
Gordon, Anne 1/9/97 Food technology technician
Green, Tom Sept 2006  PE
Haigh, Mrs Jessica Sept 2009 Married - formerly Jess Boyle. Head of PE (joint)
Hall, Miss Charlotte 1/9/2015 Art Teacher part time
Hamer, Mrs Pennie 30/10/06 Isolation manager, then Support assistant
Harmon, Jo Sept 2007 Art. Head of Expressive Arts 2011
Harrison, Mrs Karen Feb 2000 Clerical assistant
Harrison, Mrs Gill Oct 2005 Receptionist / reprographics
Hodgson, Andrew Sept 2007 Sports coordinator. PE teacher from 2009
Holden, Mrs Sue 9/3/09 Sixth Form pastoral officer
Hood, Matty 31/1/2011 Sports Assistant
Hopkin, Mrs Stephanie Sept 2002 PE. Head of PE
Howard, Gary 18/2/08 Learning manager. Teacher from 1/9/08, History, Government and Politics. Head of history 2012
Hyde, Mrs Alison 31/1/2011 Sports Centre receptionist
James, Graham 1/9/91 Biology 2nd in Science
Johnson, Mrs Christine March 2004 Library assistant. Careers & staff development administration
Kitching, Miss Anna 6/1/14 PE
Lane, Mrs Janice 8/12/2008 Behaviour management
Leeson, Joanne Sept 2007 Receptionist
Leetham, Sue 12/1/2011 Science
Lockhart, Neil 2/9/2013 Coach driver
Loughran, Miss Jessica 28/9/2015 Pastoral officer
Lovegrove, Pat 1/9/90 Geography, Head of Lower School, Assistant Head
Ludlow, Lisa April 2007 Formerly Lisa Hickman. Married
Massey, Andrew 30/1/2011 Sports assistant
McGrath, Mrs Cathy 1/9/2012 English
Mills, Mrs Lynn 26/1/2015 Administration
Mitchell, Miss Caitlin 2/9/13 Science Technician
Muir, Mr James 7/9/2015 Maths Teacher
Nichols, Ms Karen Sept 2004 Sociology; English, History. Psychology from 2007
Oakes, Richard 1/9/2012 Modern Languages
Olsen, Nick 8/12/08 Behaviour manager
Parrott, Mrs Sherry 1/9/2006 Teaching assistant
Pulling, Mrs Rebecca 1/9/2008 Pastoral officer. Formerly Rebecca Coates. Married 10/8/2013
Rahn, Dr Brian 1/9/2015 Science Teacher (Physics)
Richardson, Mrs Jane 9/1/2012 Finance officer
Richardson, Mary 8/10/2007 Science technician
Richardson, Mrs Nicola 3/9/2012 Teaching assistant
Robson, Mrs Heather 1/9/2010 Science technician
Rowley, Mr Jay 4/1/2011 Sports Centre Manager
Rumney, Joe 1/9/2010 Science teacher
Scott, Anita 5/11/2012 Finance assistant
Scott, Gary 1/9/09 Information technology
Scott, Mrs Karen 20/11/2000 Advanced teaching assistant
Shepherd, Peter 25/7/2011 Cleaner
Sleightholme, Carol 4/3/2013 Cleaner
Spiers, Miss Hayley 1/9/2013 Drama teacher
Spink, Miss Zoe 7/9/2015 Teaching assistant
Stead, Vicky 25/6/2014 Cleaner
Steel, Jon Jan 2002 Head of Upper School, Science, Maths, Careers
Stockdale, Mrs Julie 1/10/2001 Advanced senior teaching assistant
Sturgeon, June 1/9/1994 Dinnertime supervisor
Taylor, Claire Sept 2001 Science (Chemistry). Married to become Mrs Tune
Taylor, Julian 11/6/2012 Music
Thackray, Mrs Diane 25/7/2011 Head Cleaner
Thompson, Mrs Sue 30/4/2007 Learning manager (maths)
Thorp, Sarah Sept 2006 RE and Citizenship, philosophy
Thorpe, Nicola Sept 2001 Geography, Business Studies
Tune, Claire 2006 nee Claire Taylor
Turner, Mrs Heather 1/9/2009 Science
Wall, Mrs Carol 1/9/2001 Curriculum assistant
Wallen, John Jan 2007 Examinations Officer
Warburton, Pauline Sept 2007 Head of Science. Married to become Pauline Eldrett 2014
Ward, Mrs K 1/9/2015 English Teacher
Ward, Mrs Margaret 1/9/2010 Midday supervisor
Welsh, Mr Alex 7/9/2015 Learning manager
Whitaker, Mark Sept 2007 Design Technology, Art
White, Miss C 7/9/2015 Teaching assistant
Wilcock, Mrs Claire Sept 2007 Head of English
Williams, Robert Sept 2006 Head teacher
Wilson, Mrs Helen Sept 2008 Geography. Formerly MissCaborn
Wise, Mrs Nicola Jan 2005 School secretary
Young, Steph 1/7/13 Sports assistant
Youngs, Mr Derek 30/4/2007 Learning manager