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The Maltonian Database: Staff list - Malton School Present Day

Name From Subjects; comments
Abbott, Mrs Alex 18/11/2011 Reprographics, midday supervisor. Previously Mrs Pain
Ballantyne, Sarah 1/9/16 Science
Beal, Mrs Sam 1/9/05 Teaching assistant
Bedford, Jessica 1/9/17 Learning manager
Beever, Mrs Tracey 13/7/2015 Clerical assistant
Bloxwich, Mrs Carolyn 1/9/2010 English
Bond, Phil 1/9/17 English
Burrow, Miss Nicola 1/9/13 History and RE
Butcher, Megan 1/9/2012 Modern Languages. Married to become Mrs Brunt
Caborn, Mrs Helen Sept 2008 Geography. Married to become Mrs Wilson
Cass, Susie 1/9/16 Teaching assistant
Cassedy, Miss Lindsey 1/1/2015 History Teacher
Cooke, Mrs Lorraine Dec 2003 Clerical assistant - attendance
Cook, Robert Sept 2001 Head of Geography, Boys Games. Head of Sixth Form 2012.
Cooper, Nicky-Jo Sept 2008 Science. Left Sept 2012 - Jan 2014
Coulbeck, Tracey 1/9/17 Learning manager
Criddle, Karen Sept 2004 Maths curriculum assistant. Maths teacher from 2007
Croft, Rebecca 27/6/16 Cleaner
Crozier, Maeve 1/9/17 Modern Foreign Language
Dale, Mrs Jo-Anne 4/11/2014 Sports Coordinator
Daview, Bethan 1/9/16 Religious Studies
Davison, Lucy 18/2/08 KS3 Pastoral officer. Head of KS3
Dent, Mark 1/9/16 Head of Sixth Form
Doherty, Claire 1/9/16 Teaching assistant
Ebbs, Frankie 12/2/18 Behaviour manager
Edwards, Gareth 1/9/03 Head of Maths. From Pocklington Woldgate School
Eldrett, Mrs Pauline Sept 2009 Married - formerly Pauline Warburton. Head of Science
Else, Mark Sept 2013 Special Needs Coordinator
Fenwick, Michael 11/4/16 Deputy Head
Fowler, Clare 1/9/16 Teaching assistant
Goodyear, Alex Sept 2006 ICT technician. ICT manager 2007-
Gordon, Anne 1/9/97 Food technology technician
Green, Tom Sept 2006  PE
Haigh, Mrs Jessica Sept 2009 Married - formerly Jess Boyle. Head of PE (joint)
Hamer, Mrs Pennie 30/10/06 Isolation manager, then Support assistant
Harmon, Jo Sept 2007 Art. Head of Expressive Arts 2011
Harrison, Mrs Gill Oct 2005 Receptionist / reprographics
Hiscocks, Chris 1/9/16 Geography
Hodgson, Andrew Sept 2007 Sports coordinator. PE teacher from 2009
Holdsworth, Kelly 1/9/17 Maths
Holden, Mrs Sue 9/3/09 Sixth Form pastoral officer
Hood, Matty 31/1/2011 Sports Assistant
Hopkin, Mrs Stephanie Sept 2002 PE. Head of PE
Hyde, Mrs Alison 31/1/2011 Sports Centre receptionist
Johnson, Donna 1/9/16 Head of Key Stage 4
Kear, Paul 6/11/17 Operations director
Kerr, Iain 1/11/17 Sports assistant
Lane, Mrs Janice 8/12/2008 Behaviour management
Lee, Jon 1/9/17 Drama
Leeson, Joanne Sept 2007 Receptionist
Lockhart, Neil 2/9/2013 Coach driver
Loughran, Miss Jessica 28/9/2015 Assistant Head of Key stage 4
Massey, Andrew 30/1/2011 Sports assistant
McGrath, Mrs Cathy 1/9/2012 English
Mills, Mrs Lynn 26/1/2015 Administration
Mitchell, Miss Caitlin 2/9/13 Science Technician
Muir, Mr James 7/9/2015 Maths Teacher
Nichols, Ms Karen Sept 2004 Sociology; English, History. Psychology from 2007
Oakes, Richard 1/9/2012 Modern Languages
Olsen, Nick 8/12/08 Behaviour manager
Parrott, Mrs Sherry 1/9/2006 Teaching assistant
Pulling, Mrs Rebecca 1/9/2008 Pastoral officer. Formerly Rebecca Coates. Married 10/8/2013
Rahn, Dr Brian 1/9/2015 Science Teacher (Physics)
Richardson, Mrs Jane 9/1/2012 Finance officer
Ridley, Sarah 7/6/16 Technician
Robson, Mrs Heather 1/9/2010 Science technician
Rowley, Mr Jay 4/1/2011 Sports Centre Manager
Rumney, Joe 1/9/2010 Science teacher
Scott, Anita 5/11/2012 Finance assistant
Scott, Gary 1/9/09 Information technology
Scott, Mrs Karen 20/11/2000 Advanced teaching assistant
Shepherd, Peter 25/7/2011 Cleaner
Simkins, Tony 1/9/17 Science
Sleightholme, Carol 4/3/2013 Cleaner
Spink, Miss Zoe 7/9/2015 Teaching assistant
Stead, Vicky 25/6/2014 Cleaner
Steel, Jon Jan 2002 Head of Upper School, Science, Maths, Careers
Stockdale, Mrs Julie 1/10/2001 Advanced senior teaching assistant. Maths teacher from 1/9/17
Taylor, Claire Sept 2001 Science (Chemistry). Married to become Mrs Tune
Taylor, Emma 4/1/17 Exams officer
Thackray, Mrs Diane 25/7/2011 Head Cleaner
Thompson, Mrs Sue 30/4/2007 Learning manager (maths)
Tune, Claire 2006 nee Claire Taylor
Wall, Mrs Carol 1/9/2001 Curriculum assistant
Warburton, Pauline Sept 2007 Head of Science. Married to become Pauline Eldrett 2014
Ward, Mrs K
English Teacher
Warner, Justine 1/9/16 Food technology
Wass, Annie 1/9/16 Modern Foreign Language
Whitaker, Mark Sept 2007 Design Technology, Art
Whitty, Alison 21/3/18 Cleaner
Wilcock, Mrs Claire Sept 2007 Head of English
Williams, Daniel 1/9/16 Co
Williams, Miriam 1/9/16 Religious Studies
Williams, Robert Sept 2006 Head teacher
Wilson, Mrs Helen Sept 2008 Geography. Formerly MissCaborn
Wise, Mrs Nicola Jan 2005 School secretary
Young, Steph 1/7/13 Sports assistant
Youngs, Mr Derek 30/4/2007 Learning manager