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Celebration Evenings

Malton School Celebration Evening was introduced in November 1999.  Following a long absence of any formal "Speech Day" or "Prize Giving", it was decided to have an entertaining evening where the highlights of the previous year are reviewed and relived.  This is done through a powerpoint presentation and students presenting reports of their activities, or performing songs and routines from previous productions.  For all but the first year the students have presented the show, and since the re-introduction of Head Boy and Girl positions in 2001, it has become one of the main responsibilities of the Head Boy and Girl, with their deputies, to do the presentation.

Each programme includes a review of the year. Powerpoint slides have lost their animation and commentary was provided as live speech by the students, but the text and photos should be enough to give a flavour of what was being presented. One day I may add the presenters' scripts to the site, which give the detail.

In 2016 the event split in two, with an earlier Lower School resentation, and a later Upper School and Sixth Form night.

Some of the files are quite large (4 -5 Mb) so be prepared for a delay when downloading.

Speech Days

Malton Grammar School held Speech Days annually. Some photographs from those days survive.

Malton Grammar School Prizewinners 1953

The ceremonies were held at the Milton Rooms unntil 1958, and subsequently in the new school hall - created by the 1959 extensions.


In addition to the programmes, a number of news reports exist in the form of news clippings from Mr Taylor's headship.