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A Level Exam Results Day

Press Release

Malton School A level Results 15 August 2002

By all the usual aggregate measures these results represent the best on record for Malton School.




Some headlines:

  • The pass rate is the best ever, in excess of 90% for the fourth year running. It is actually 98.3% - there were only two fails in major subjects, (and four in General Studies). This is worthy of repeating - only 2 fails from 116 entries!
  • The number of grade A's achieved is our second highest in the last decade (1999 was our best year)
  • 40% of entries resulted in an A or B grade! 65% resulted in A,B or C.
  • The average points scored per student this year is our best ever, at 23.2 - 4 points up on last year, and better than our previous best in 1999 of 22.5*
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  • Every student passed at least one subject: our standard claim over many years
  • The star individual performance comes from Sam Clarke, with an impressive five grade A's, in Design Technology Geography, Maths, Physics and General Studies. Michael Spencer achieved 3 A's in his main subjects, plus an A at AS last year, plus B in General Studies. Ben Wicks AABBC, Emma Punchard AABB plus an AS A

GCSE Exam Results Day

Press Release

Malton School GCSE Results 22 August 2002

We were delighted with an exceptional year's performance by last year's students at GCSE level. We have not quite managed a repeat performance, but overall results this year are good, and most students will be well pleased with their grades. Certainly the average points scored per student is second only to last year (0.5 down on 2001), and many other indicators are second only to last year's. Overall the results are more in keeping with the gradual trend in improvement from 1995-2000, than with the heights achieved last year.

Some summary points:

  • or the third year running, all students who entered exams achieved at least one GCSE pass (2 students of Y11 age left mid-year and entered no exams). In fact 97% achieved 5 or more passes once again. 99.1% of entries resulted in a pass grade.
  • The percentage of entries resulting in an A*-C pass was 59%
  • The percentage of 16 year old students gaining 5 or more grades at A*-C was 57%
  • Individual successes include Sofie Buckland (8 A* and 2A), Jessica Leonard 7 A*, 3 A and 1 B), Anna Pietrowski (6 A*, 3 A and 1 B), Hannah Bramhall (5 A*, 3A and 2B), Phillippa Chapman (4 A*, 3 A, 2B) and Joe Seed (3 A*, 6 A and 1 B).
  • Sofie Buckland received a letter from the Director General of the Exams Board, congratulating her on achieving one of the top five marks in the country on her Business Studies exam: there were 16705 entries!
  • 15 students passed 11 GCSE's this year, 4 of them passing all 11 at grades A*-C. A further 38 passed in 10 subjects, 15 of these passing all 10 at A*-C grades. Two years ago the maximum most students took at Malton was 9 subjects.
  • Girls outperformed boys once again, and this year by a considerable margin: girls got 5 points more than boys on average, and 63% passed 5 or more at A*-C, compared with 49% of boys. Come on lads – where is your fighting spirit?

Deputy Head Steve Fearnley commented:
 "Results this year compare favourably with the individual targets set for students at the beginning of their GCSE courses. The average points score per student is our second best on record – just 0.5 down on the exceptionally good performance of last year's group. The youngest student in the year group – Sofie Buckland - achieved the best results with 8 starred A grades and 2 A's. A very clever girl! Thanks go to all staff for their efforts in guiding students to their success, and to parents for their support in the background"