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A Level Exam Results Day

Press Release

Malton School A level Results 2003
Best ever once again!

By all the usual aggregate measures these results represent the best on record for Malton School.

Some headlines:

  • The average points scored per student this year is once again our best ever.
  • The number of grade A's achieved is our highest ever, with 28 (the previous best was 24)
  • 41% of entries resulted in an A or B grade - 1% better than last year's high. 63% resulted in A,B or C.
  • The pass rate is once again very high - in excess of 90% for the fifth year running. It is actually 97.6% - there were only four fails in major subjects, (and four in General Studies). This is worthy of repeating - only 4 fails from 166 entries!
  • The star individual performances come from Adrian Barker and Michael Chapman, each with an impressive four grade A's and an AS grade A in Further Maths (taken this year). Tom Vasey achieved the same point score, achieving 2 A's and 3 B's in his five full A level subjects. Emily Arnott, Crystal Spencer and Donna Monkman each achieved AAB in their main subjects.
  • We must congratulate the English department on 9 A grades, backed up with 8 Grade B's.

Deputy Head Steve Fearnley commented:

We are all delighted with this record breaking performance. Students and staff have worked hard to realise potential, and this in a year group which has contributed so much to the life of the school apart from examination success. To see the students rise to the challenge and come through with this excellent performance is a great delight! They have continued Malton School's proud record of success and improvement, and set a challenge for future years.

AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Year 12 results

This is the third year of results at this level, so now we have two years to compare with. Our pass rate at this level of entry has increased once again, to 90%, and this from another large year 12 group. Looking at individual performances, there are many significant, marked improvements compared with mock exams. Thanks go to the many staff who put in extra hours and extra lessons to get their charges up to speed, and compensate for the shortened lead-up time to main AS exams this year.

Some headlines:

  • There were 39 grade A's, spread across 13 of the 18 subjects entered. This is the highest number yet for the new exams.
  • Four students achieved straight A's in all subjects: David Smith, Lauren Horsley, Anna Pietrowski and Lindsey McKenzie. David also achieved an A in the two Further Maths modules he has taken to date.