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GCSE Exam Results Day

Press Release

Malton School GCSE Results 2003
Best ever once again!

Some headline summary facts and figures:

  • The percentage of 16 year old students gaining 5 or more grades at A*-C was 66%, or 67% if we include the girl of this age group who took her exams last year.
  • For the first time ever, all students in the year group achieved five GCSE passes. 99.6% of entries resulted in a pass grade.
  • The percentage of entries resulting in an A*-C pass was 66%, our second highest rate (we got 67% in 1994, but students were entering fewer exams in those days)
  • The average points score per student is our highest ever, at 48.84, four points higher than our previous best in 2001. Students took more exams than ever before, with each student averaging 9.6 entries - General Studies and GCSE PE boosting the usual quota of 9 for many. In fact, 12 students gained 11 grade C or better passes this year. A further 21 gained 10 grade C or better.
  • Contrary to national trends, the boys outperformed the girls, for the first time in a number of years. Boys got 1 point more than girls on average, and 72% passed 5 or more at A*-C, compared with 59% of girls. Well done lads - it was about time you showed your mettle.
  • Individual successes include Kate Baker (5 A*, 4A and 1B), Lorna Vasey (4 A*, 4 A and 3 B), and Matthew Young (3 A*, 5 A and 2 B). 12 students achieved an A* in at least one subject

Deputy Head Steve Fearnley commented:
We are all delighted here for the second week in a row. For a number of years we have claimed "best ever" results in either A level or GCSE performance. This year we have done it in both. The standard measure of success - percentage gaining 5 or more 5 A*-C passes - is comfortably higher than ever before, at 66%, and the average points score per student is up four points on our previous best.
No resting on our laurels - I am quietly confidently that we will move on from this high to exceed the 70% boundary in the next couple of years.
Well done everyone - there is a lot of hard work by students and staff behind these excellent results.