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A Level Exam Results Day

Press Release

Malton School A level Results 18 August 2005
Best on record once again!

By all the usual aggregate measures these results represent the best on record for Malton School once again

Deputy Head Steve Fearnley commented:

Once again we are very proud of our students and their remarkable achievements. Long may it continue. And it is not just about hard work and study for academic success. These students have put themselves wholeheartedly into extra-curricular activities – music and drama, raising money for charity, sporting pursuits, environmental work, and a very busy social life - and do well in all areas. They have continued Malton School's proud record of success and improvement, and set yet another high-level challenge for future years.

Some headlines:

  • The pass rate is once again very high - in excess of 95% for the fifth time.  It is actually 99% - there were only four fails from all the main subject entries.
  • The number of grade A's achieved is once again our highest ever, with 32
  • (3 up on last year’s previously highest figure). This represents 21% of the entries
  • 47% of entries resulted in an A or B grade – 1% better than last year’s high.  An amazing 79% resulted in A, B or C – up 9% on last year.
  • The star individual performances come from Emily Wilsdon, who gained five grade A’s, plus a B in Critical Thinking which she entered earlier in the year, and an A gained at AS last year.  Kate Baker gained four Grade A’s plus an A at AS last year.  Alex Riley gained AAAB, plus C in General Studies, Victoria Paley (AAA plus B in GS, plus an A at AS last year), and Mary Thackray (AAAB). 
  • All students passed in at least two subjects
  • The Guardian placed us 6th in their A level league table for the whole country.

GCSE Exam Results Day

Press Release

Malton School GCSE Results 25 August 2005

Deputy Head Steve Fearnley comments:

“We are seeing stars this year, with more A* results and more A grades than ever before, despite this being a smaller year group than in some years.  The average number of points scored per student is our best ever, and all students we taught this year have gained at least 5 GCSE passes.  It is also the first year that I can remember a student gaining 10 passes at A* level.  Outstanding!  Well done to all involved in making this a very successful year”

Some summary points:

  • The average points score per student is our highest ever, at 49.8, reflecting some superb performances across the board by a number of very able students.
  • The percentage of 16 year old students gaining 5 or more grades at A*-C was 60%, 2% up on last year, but not our best (68% in 2003).
  • The pass rate is 99.5%, with only 4 fails from 800 entries.  63% of entries resulted in a pass at grades A*-C.
  • All students in the group we taught achieved at least five GCSE passes, the first time ever we can claim this. 
  • Boys and girls performed at a similar level. 7% more girls than boys gained 5 A%-C passes, but boys have a points score on average one point higher than girls, and the top 6 performers were all boys.
  • The best individual performance came from Russell Goddard with a staggering 10 A* results, plus an A in General Studies.  Jack Davies gained 8 A*s and 3 A’s, Bobby Goodwill 5 A*’s and 6 A’s, Robin Goforth 5 A*’s and 5 A’s, Jamie Mills did the same, James Clark achieved 4 A*s and 5 A’s, 9 students achieved an A* in at least one subject. Oliver Peck 6 A*’s and 3 A’s. 
  • The best performance in the girls came from Hannah Wood with 6 A*’s and 2 A’s. 
  • There were more starred A grades this year than in any previous year (63 altogether), despite a smaller year group.  Well done to the Science department once again on the star-gazing, with 10 students scoring double A* successes, and a good distribution of A B and C grades.  There were 15 students who gained an A* in at least one subject, and 13 out of the 20 subjects entered had an A* success.
  • There were also more A grades than in any other year, both numerically and as a percentage of entry.  As I said at the start of the report, there are some very able students in this group.
  • Note: a new points scoring system has been introduced this year, but I have retained the old system to allow comparison with previous years.