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A Level Exam Results Day

Press Release, August 2009

Malton School A level Results 2009
A OK as students gain top grades!

Yet another excellent year of A level performance. This year our usual high standards have been maintained, whilst at the same time the numbers taking exams has increased - the largest sixth form group we have ever had. This has not diluted the quality - students have worked hard and risen to the standards to which we have become accustomed.

Some headlines:
  • The number of grade A's achieved is once again our highest ever, with 51, exceeding last year’s previous best by 5 grades. The number of B grades is also higher than ever before.
  • For the third year in a row the majority of results here were at grades A or B – with 52% of entries resulting in one or other of these top grades.
  • At the top of the A grade performances was James Baker, with five grade A’s. Simon Gaskell achieved 4 grade A’s, plus a C in General Studies. Will Smith 4 grade A’s plus a B. Amy Burnett, Emmy Hickes, Laura Scott and Gareth Webb all achieved 4 grade A’s. Sarah Gilbank, Rebecca Houghton and Tom Clements both achieved 3 grade A’s in their main subjects, plus a B, B and a D respectively in General Studies.
  • In terms of improvement since entry to Sixth Form, Alex Brown (ABCE) and Emma Hatfield’s (ABB) performances were the best, moving up 47 places and 38 places respectively in the year group over two years. Hannah Godliman moved up 34 places, and Nick Wood 32 places.
  • The average points score per student is 355 points, which is almost the equivalent of 3 grade A’s per student (360 is 3 grade A’s).
  • 24 students achieved an A in at least one subject
  • The pass rate is 98%, as last year, maintaining our strong record over many years of hardly any fails in any subject by any student. There were just five fails in the main subjects (ie excluding General Studies).