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A Level Exam Results Day

Press Release, August 2010

Ryedale Partnership First Year

Ryedale Sixth Form Partnership
This is the first year of results for subjects delivered by the Ryedale Sixth Form Partnership. The partnership has been developed by Lady Lumley’s School, Malton School, Norton College and Ryedale School primarily so that all of the students in central Ryedale have an opportunity to share the excellent teaching in the area. Each of the schools has a proud tradition of serving the young people in Ryedale and all have achieved educational excellence in one measure or another.

The schools share a common aim of widening participation and increasing retention in post 16 education, in this rural area, through the provision a broader range of courses closer to home. One of the successes of this collaboration has been a joint course offer of sixty four courses for students to choose from whereas three years ago the choice was twenty two A levels only. The advent of Norton College Sixth Form has enabled a complementary provision of BTEC and CACHE applied learning courses. The schools believe that in the current economic climate that together they are stronger and that such cooperation will also develop the skills of staff as they share expertise through joint training.

Around three hundred and forty of the five hundred and fifty 16-17 year olds now stay in Ryedale for their post 16 education each year. This is more than a fifty percent increase since the formation of the partnership. Eighty two learners are engaged on one or two partnership courses taught in a school other than their ‘home’ school. With all applications for 2010-2011 solely through the common web based application system, schools can look forward to increased numbers next year. The results today mark the success of the partnership in preparing local young people with the skills and abilities for work and higher education in an increasingly dynamic world.


Malton School
There have been some outstanding individual performances from students again this year:

Amos Abrahams – 2 A* and 3 A grades
Rebecca Hill – 4 A grades
Matthew Wilson – 1 A*, 2 A’s and 1 B
Sam Harrison – 3 A’s and 2 B’s
Tommy Leach – 1 A* and 2 A’s

The vast majority of students have again achieved what they needed to move on to their chosen next career step. This is the most important success measure for any sixth form.

Great credit must go out first of all to the students for all their hard work, to their families for the support they have given and to the staff for their professionalism and dedication towards helping the students to achieve the best they can.

In terms of the overall results for the school, we have dropped back this year after topping the North Yorkshire tables for the last 3 years in a row. Our estimated total average points score is 812 using the QCA measure (this is equivalent to 3 A grades where QCA award 270 points for an A); and 312 using the UCAS measure (this is nearly equivalent to 1 A and 2 B grades where UCAS award 120 points for an A).

Our percentage of students achieving A*-B grades was 41%.
Our total pass rate was 96%.

These results will still place us amongst the highest achieving sixth forms in North Yorkshire but we will have to await the official league tables to know our exact position.

R J Williams
Headteacher Malton School
Chair of Ryedlae Sixth Form Partnership

Results Day 19 August 2010

Not many photos on the day unfortunately, and for some reason only the boys.