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A Level Exam Results Day

Press Release, August 2011

A2 – Year 13
Some good news at the top: in the second year of A* grades at A level, we have more than doubled the 6 achieved last year, with 14 A* altogether,  shared between 8 students and across 8 subjects.  achieved 6 of these.  The superstars were: Alex Borrell with 3 A* in Chemistry, Maths, and Physics; Kieran Leckenby  with 3 A* in Maths, Further Maths and Physics; Louise Smith with 2 A* in Maths and Physics; Catherine Sanderson with 2 A* in Biology and Chemistry; Amy Szuman in Maths;  Harry Wright in English; Josephine Smith in PE; Sam Spencer in Business Studies.

Aside from the starred A grades, there were also some excellent results for individuals.  Best performances came from Amy Szuman with AAA*A, Alex Borrill A*A*A*, Kieran Leckenby A*A*A* and A in Gen Studies, Catherine Sanderson A*A*A, Louise Smith A*A*A, Harry Wright A*AA, plus an A in Gen Studies and a starred A in his Extended Project.

The most improved performance came from Kim Douthwaite, who moved up from 61st place on GCSE grades to 12th on A level, finishing with a very creditable ABB, way above her target. Other major improvers were Annie Bentley and Jessica Cooke, who both moved up 35 places from GCSE rank to A level rank. 

Our percentage achieving A*-B improved from last year, at 42%. The number of A (and A*) grades is our third best ever, at 45.
Our pass rate was 96% .

AS  - Year 12

Top performances this year come from Ian Mason with AAAAB; Jenna Keys AAAAC;  Jack Bradshaw , Tom Gentry and Cara Raistrick with AAAA, James Douthwaite AAABC, and Kate Dalgleish, Heather Leckenby and Kate Sunley with AAAB.

It is pleasing to note our highest ever number of A grades (57), and B grades (80), though of course this year was our highest number of entries ever with 408. At 34% A and B, this still represents the best percentage in the last five years, and offers  promise for next year.

Sadly the number of fail grades has also risen, at 75 the most we have ever had, though marginally better as a percentage than 2009.