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GCSE Exam Results Day

Press Release, August 2011

Excellent results once again – we continue our gradual but relentless improvement on the key summary measures.   

The measures in summary tables include equivalent grades for applied learning courses – as it did last year. I hope I have got all the point scoring results in with the correct points – it is quite difficult to find these on the internet (I think the government has deliberately hidden the equivalence table).

Some summary points:

  • The percentage of 16 year old students achieving the level 2 threshold (formally the 5 A*-C aggregate) is 80%, the third year in a row we have passed the 70% mark, and up 2% on last year’s high. If we take 5 A*-C including English and Maths, this also is up, a big jump of 6% to 64%, the first time we have beaten 60%.
  • Incredibly all students achieved a grade C or equivalent in at least one subject.  I always feel this shows what our students are capable of when their aptitude and interest matches a course they follow. 
  • Girls significantly out-performed boys this year, with 85% achieving 5+ A*-C, against 69% of boys. However, the 5 A*-C measures show little difference, but only 5 of the top 15 were boys.
  • 5 students gained all grade A or A* results.  The best individual performances came from Ellen Mitchell with 7 A* and 4 A’s; James Poole and Alex Lancaster with 7 A* and 3 A’s.  Kate Ferguson achieved 5 A* and 6 A’s, and Cameron Race 4A* and 7 A’s.  (All these also achieved A or A* in Religious Studies Short Course).  28 students achieved an A* in at least one of their courses.
  • 22 out of the 23 subjects offered had an A* result (more if we include applied courses)