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The House System in 2017-8

With the school population expanding, 2017 saw two year groups (Year 7 and Year 9) with 5 tutor groups rather than 4. Building continues around Malton and a large scale, most significantly on the old Showfield opposite the school. and predictions suggest there would be five form entry every year.

Headteacher Rob Williams decided that 5 houses would better suit this population, so that each tutor group could remain as a distinct house group, as had been the case since 1999. He decided to reinstate the old grammar school names - Carlisle, Fitzwilliam, Holgate, and Willoughby, and introduced a fifth name - Tudor.

All these are benefactors of the school:

The Earl's of Carlisle are the Howards of Castle Howard, and had close connections with the school throughout its Grammar School days and beyond, with Dame Christian Howard serving as a school governor for many years of the comprehensive school.

In 1911 Earl Fitzwilliam gave the lands on which the Grammar School was built. The Fitzwilliam Estate have helped the school with donations on many occasions since.

Robert Holgate, Archbishop of York, founded the school in 1547.

Henry Tudor (Henry VIII) gave the royal approval for the school in 1546, shortly before his death.

The Willoughbys are the Barons Middleton of Birdsall Hall, near Malton, who were involved in the founding of the new school in 1911, and Lord Middleton served on the governing body of the Grammar School.

The Sheila Pratt Memorial Trophies

Seven new trophies were commissioned for the new House system, made by Steve Fearnley and his son Daniel, who work together running a woodturning business called oldfern. The trophy design is based on the Yorkshire Rose, which used to be used as the Grammar School badge, and still features in the right hand corner of the current school badge. The idea to use it came from the fact that it has five petals, and each petal has the name of a house on it.

The overall winner's trophy is 16 inches in diameter, made in sycamore, and pyrographed with house names and dates. Each year the winner's colours will be added underneath the date, creating loops of colour which will show the relative successes of the Houses. A second Rose is inside the main one, and this forms the model for six smaller trophies, one for each year group.

Sheila Pratt was Head Girl in 1949 - 1950, and Head of Fitzwilliam House. She left a large legacy to the school on her death in 2013, some of which funds have been used to pay for these trophies. There is more information about Sheila Pratt on a separate page.

The 2018 competition

In 2016 - 17 over 97000 house points were collected by students, but in the first year of the new competition they have smashed through the 100000 house points barrier with a grand total in excess of 118000 house points, an increase of more than 20,000 on the previous year.

The best performing Form Group overall was Fitzwilliam in Year 7, but the best performing house overall was Willoughby, who also won the overall Sports Day Trophy.

Overall totals were:

  1. Willoughby, 28,667
  2. Carlisle, 26,111
  3. Fitzwilliam, 25,938
  4. Holgate, 24,618
  5. Tudor, 13,243

Malton School House Shields

Malton  School House Shield

Malton School House competition 2018 -

  • 2018 Willoughby

Year group winners

  • Year 7 Fitzwilliam
  • Year 8 Carlisle
  • Year 9 Willoughby
  • Year 10 Willoughby
  • Year 11 Fitzwilliam
  • 6th form Willoughby