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Staff list - Malton Grammar School 1547-1910

Details from N A Hudleston's A History of Malton and Norton

  • Thomas Norman, 1547-1564 First master of the school; according to some a monk, 'ex-prior ofa Gilbertine house of Mattersey'.
  • Thomas Hustler, 1564 - 1621 Master
  • Stephen Jeyram, 1564-1621 Usher to Thomas Hustler
  • Thomas Stockton, -1621Buried 17 September 1621
  • William Ashmore, 1622-1632 Previously taught at Ripon
  • James Galloway,1634-1669 Buried in 1669, 1634, 1638-9, and 1662 references
  • James Cartwright, 1669-1697 Noted in register as master 1672
  • George Mill, 1697-1707 It was declared that Mill was 'irregular and immoral,' but it should perhaps be noted that the petition was instigated by the schoolmaster of Hovingham, who was eager, apparently, to secure the job at Old Malton for himself , together with its superior salary. There was a counter petition asserting that Mill was 'a person of sober life . . . well qualified to be able to discharge his office.'
  • John Stockdale 1707-1721 Noted as being born blind
  • Matthias Hardwick 1747 Buried 1747. Mentioned in register 1736
  • Revd. Joseph Kerr, 1747 1778 Youth are completely qualified for any Manner of Business, in Latin, Greek, etc. Also Arithmetic in all its parts, Navigation, Mensuration, Merchants Accounts, and Writing in very great perfection.'
  • Samuel Jackson, 1779 1783 Master only in name, drawing his salary whilst holding another position, and paying the usher, at a reduced rate, to do the actual teaching.
  • Revd. William Johnson, 1783 Died 1805 at Barnard Castle
  • Revd. John Richardson, 1806-1834 Died 1834
  • Revd W J Travis, 1834 1834 MA Trinity Coll. Cambridge. Declined to teach at the school
  • Revd. William Lonsdale, 1834
  • Revd. William Pounds, 1835-1866 Moved the school to Norton
  • Revd. Harry Garratt, 1866-1904 Moved it back to Malton. Died in 1904