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The Maltonian Database: Staff list - Malton School 1971-present

Name From To Subject; comments
Aconley, Ian 11/10/2007 Present Minibus Driver
Allan, Mrs Amy 1/6/09 Present Learning manager
Allan, Mrs Fiona 8/12/2008 Present Clerical assistant
Allsopp, Mrs Joyce 1998 July 1999 French
Appleyard, Mrs June 1970's Aug 1977 Art (mentioned in Head's report 12/5/75 & 11/7/77)
Arnold, Mike 1/9/94 17/9/94 Assistant caretaker (part time)
Ashworth, Clive 70's 1995 English
Audsley, Mrs Rebecca Sept 2004 Present Clerical assistant - data
Baker, Juliet 1/9/1985 5/11/2007 French
Baker, Stanley 1978   Assistant Caretaker.
Bark, Duncan 1996 1998 German, French
Barrett, Dr Stuart Sept 2004 Present Science (Biology)
Baxter, Mrs     Home Economics
Beal, Mrs Sam 1/9/05 Present Teaching assistant
Bean, David Sept 1979 Dec 1979 Physics. Temporary (HR 78-9)
Belham, James Sept 2007 Present Mathematics; IT
Bell, Mrs Anne Sept 1986 July 2001 Secretary. Former pupil. (HR85-6)
Biggins, Stan   April 1976 Senior Lab Technician (retirement noted in Head's Report 1975-6)
Blake, Miss Gillian 1971   Music
Bonello, Mrs Sue 1/9/2000 20/3/2002 Special needs
Boothman, Jill Sept 1995 July 2001 Home Economics. Returned PT Sept 2002-
Boyle, Miss Jessica Sept 2005 2009* PE, Community Sports coordinator, then 2nd in Department, the joint Head of PE. Married in 2009 - see Mrs Haigh
Braddan, James June 2003 Dec 2003 Library assistant
Brady, Mrs E Sept 72   French
Brettle, Mrs Claudia 6/11/2001 31/8/2007 Special needs assistant
Brickman, Rachel 1/9/1986


Head of Design Technology (Food and Textiles) (HR85-6) From Cottingham High
Briggs, Margaret Sept 2006


Supply cover for Jennifer Kay. Food Technology
Brooks, Tom 3/1/07 Present Assistant Site Manager
Brunton, Mrs June 1/9/95 4/2/2000  
Burn, Miss Davina 1/9/1984 1994 PSE, Maths; Deputy Head (HR83-4) From Portslade, East Sussex
Burrow, Mr Peter 1971 Aug 1988 Biology and Rural Studies Seconded Biology Education, York 1984-5 (HR86-7, 87-8)
Bye, Mr Alun Sept 1972 Dec 1975 Remedial Department. Resigned to take up a post with the Northampton Education Authority (appt noted HR 9/72)
Byers, Mrs Tracy 22/6/09 30/8/09 PE. (Maternity cover)
Caborn, Mrs Helen Sept 2008 Present Geography (part time)
Calvert, Mrs Jenny Sept 1995   Part time A level English (joint venture with Norton)
Cambata, William Sept 2005 Present English
Campbell, Miss Jessica 10/10/2008 24/7/10 Learning manager
Capstick, Mrs Jennie Sept 81 Dec 2004 Secretary (HR 80-1)
Carr, Mrs Anita 1979-80 1980 Temporary History cover (for Mrs Hetherton's maternity leave)
Carr,Claire 14/12/07 Present Finance assistant (part time)
Carr, Paul Sept 1996 1998 Design Technology
Carr, Mrs Rita Sept 82   Cook in charge. Replaced Gladys Morris (HR 81-2)
Carson, Dr Simon Sept 1995   A level Physics. Joint arrangement with Norton
Chapman, Mrs Clare 01/07/2002 Present Bursar
Christal, D John Jan 1980 Aug 84 Geography, Deputy Head. Careers. From Raincliffe. (HR78-9, 83-4)
Clapton, Sarah Sept 04 14/10/2005 Reprographics assistant
Clark, Jim Sept 04? Present Information Technology. Head of Y10 from 2006-8
Clift-Hill, Mr D 1982   Temporary cover for Mr Everitt
Coates, Mr John Aug 2003 Present Site Manager
Coates, Miss Rebecca 14/7/08 Present KS4 Pastoral Officer
Connor, Sue 1/9/1994 31/8/2001 Home Economics
Conolly, Miss Sheila Sept 2003 31/8/2004 Music. Covered for Stewart Thorp's long absence (a year)
Cook, John 1985

Dec 1999

July 2001
Cooke, Lorraine Dec 2003


May 2004. Clerical assistant - attendance

Cook, James 10/10/05


Learning manager

Cook, Robert Sept 2001


Head of Geography, Boys Games
Cook, Steve Sep 99

Dec 99

Information Technology
Cooke, Kate



Learning Supervisor (cover)
Cooper, Mrs Helen


Oct 2008

Cooper, Nicky-Jo Sept 2008 Present Science
Corsar, Craig Sep 99

03/ 00

Creber, Chris


July 2001 Games teacher (Australian rugby player, Captain of M&N RU club)
Criddle, Karen

Sept 2004

Present Maths curriculum assistant. Maths teacher from 2007
Curran, Cara

Sept 2007

July 2008 Music and history
Curry, Matthew Sept 2004 Dec 2007 Maths and Boys' Games. Moved to New Zealand
Curtis, Mrs M 1988 1989 Temporary Science
Cuthbertson, Mrs Miriam (later Hall) 90's July 2004 Secretary, East Wing.  Governor
Davison, Lucy 18/2/08 Present KS3 Pastoral officer
Delaval, Mr John 1971


Science, MCM
Dennis, Mrs Jean 1/9/85


Midday supervisor
Denton, Miss Julie Sept 1977

April 1979

Music & English (HR 11/7/77, 29/1/79, 78-9). Moved to Wakefield
Dickinson, Mrs Elaine 1/9/97 30/12/2000  
Dickson, Mrs J   15/7/77 School kitchens
Dickson-Lane, Annette 1/11/2002


Dore, Mrs Phillippa 1999 Present History. Head of History. Curriculum Group leader
Douglas, Mrs H A Sept 90   Food and Textiles Technology (appt noted AGR89-90)
Dowding, Arthur 1971 1981 Caretaker. (Early retirement through ill health HR80-1)
Dowson Boyes, Julie  Sept 1987 Mar 2002 PE (HR86-7). Moved to Portugal
Dunstan, John 1971 July 2001 Geography. Head of Department
Edgecombe, Mrs Christine 1/9/09 24/07/10 English. Cover for Jo Myers. Previously supply cover
Edwards, Miss Cathleen Sept 74   Language assistant (French & German) (appt noted HR 10/74)
Edwards, Gareth 1/9/03 Present Head of Maths. From Pocklington Woldgate School
Eggleston, Peter


1996 Metalwork, Technology.  Head of Adult Education. Died end of May 2010
Ellison, David


11/9/09 Learning manager
England, Miss Kim


31/8/09 Learning manager
Everitt, Adrian R Sept 1980

 Aug 1984

English, Drama (HR79-80) Sabbatical 1984-5
Ewing, David 1/4/71 July 2008 Geography, Games, Asst Lower School.  Senior teacher 1980.  Head of Sixth 1988.
Fearnley, Stephen 1993 Present Maths, IT, English; Deputy Head
Fenton, Helen 1/9/1992 1995 Business Studies
Fisher, Mrs Katherine Jan 1979


Religious Education (HR 78-9, 82-3). Replaced Reg waterworth
Fletcher, Hazel 11/1/2001

July 2008

Secretary, part time one day per week, careers and work experience
Flint, Mrs M 1988


Part time PSE (AGR88-9)
Floate, Miss Joan Sept 1979

July 1981

Special Needs (HR 78-9 MSNews5 HR80-1)
Forbester, Miss Bernadette Jan 2000

July 2000

Information Technology and Business Studies (temporary)
Ford, Mrs Diane 1981   Special Needs. From Cardiff university (HR 80-1) Seconded 1984-5
Galvani, Mlle 1/9/1975   Language assistante
Garside, Ms Ruth 1983

Aug 1985

French. (HR84-5) Moved to "the reorganised Archbishop Holgate"
Gaughan, Mrs Iris 2007 Present Supply French and German.  Permanent FT from Sept 2008
Gilbert, "Trish" 1/1/90 1995? English
Glass, Miss Laura 30/10/06 30/11/07 Learning manager
Goddard, Mrs Sue 14/11/2000 30/6/2001 Support
Goldsmith, Simone 1/9/09 31/12/09* Sports coordinator. Married to become Mrs Miller
Goodyear, Alex Sept 2006 Present ICT technician. ICT manager 2007-
Gordon, Anne 1/9/97 Present Food technology technician
Gray, Alistair Easter 2005 Sept 2006 Learning supervisor (cover)
Greaves, Bernard 1971 1977 Head of Sixth Form (HR87-8)
Green, Deborah Sept 1995 Present PSE, Sociology; Head of Lower School. Head of RE 2002-
Green, Tom Sept 2006 Present  
Green, Wendy 1997 1998 Part time Geography
Gresswell, Mr John 1971 1989 Deputy & Headmaster from Jan 72. (History?)
Grice, Mrs Joan 1971 July 1981 School secretary
Hadfield, Roger 19/4/77 1994 Head of Science (Chemistry)
Hadfield, Mrs Rosemary Sept 1985 Aug 1986 One year English
Haigh, Mrs Jessica Sept 2009 Present Married - formerly Jess Boyle. Head of PE (joint)
Hainsworth, Tim Feb 03 18/7/03 Temporary Music cover for Stewart Thorp
Hall, Mrs Miriam 1/11/91 30/8/2004 CLerical assistant. Formerly Mrs Cuthbertson (married in 2004)
Hamer, Mrs Pennie 30/10/06 Present Isolation manager, then Support assistant
Hannam, Mrs Marjorie 1978 1978 Temporary RE. (noted in Head's Report 1978)
Hanson, Mrs Diana 1/9/71 1975 Girls PE . Formerly Miss Rushton (resignation HR 12/5/75), and 1982-87 (HR86-7)
Harmon, Jo Sept 2007 Present Art
Harrison, Mr K   Apr 1977 Groundsman (resignation noted Head's Report 11/7/77)
Harrison, Mrs Karen Feb 2000 Present Clerical assistant
Harrison, Mrs Gill Oct 2005 Present Receptionist / reprographics
Hartley, Veronica 1996 Aug 2007 Art
Harvey, Beverley Sept 2001 July 2004 Sociology and English. Gen Studies.
Harvey, Liam 1998 July 2001 Head of PE. Moved to teach in Dunbar
Haswell, Mick 1/9/2000 31/06/2001 Caretaker. Also former periods as same
Hayward, Della 1/1/89 Aug 2007 Maths. Continued for 1 year to see Y13 Maths through.
Hetherton, Ann-Margaret Sept 72 July 2004 History & English (appt. HR 9/72)
Henry, Mrs J 1/9/74 1/8/75 Music (one year part-time) (noted in Head's report 12/5/75)
Hewitt, Karen Sept 2001 Present Religious Studies. Assistant coordinator (Year 8) 2005.
Hickman, Lisa Sept 2005 Present Head of Modern Languages. Married in 2007 - Lisa Ludlow
Hiley?, Tim Feb 2003 July 2003 Music. Covered for protracted absence of Stewart Thorp
Hill, Harold 26/1/06 24/7/06  
Hillier, Lyle Sept 2006 Aug 2007 Sports Coordinator
Hilton, Richard


31/8/03 Maths. Head of Computing, Head of Maths. Retired 2003
Hodgson, Andrew Sept 2007 Present Sports coordinator. PE teacher from 2009
Holburn, Philip


  Senior Lab Technician (appt. mentioned in Head's report, 1978)
Holden, Mrs Sue


Present Sixth Form pastoral officer
Hooke, Mr I G


Aug 79 Senior teacher. Deputy Head since April 72.  (Resignation mentioned HR79)
Hopkin, Mrs Stephanie

Sept 2002

Present PE. Head of PE
Hopwood, Ken 1981 Oct 1987 Caretaker (HR 80-1, 86-7) Retired through ill health. Died 1988
Horsfall, Miss Alison Sept 1985   English and Music.(HR85-6)
Horsman, John 1/9/75 Aug 2007 Science. Continued after retirement with the Science bus

Horsman, Pat

1/9/91 Present Science

Howard, Amanda

1/9/06 30/11/07  

Howard, Gary

18/2/08 Present Learning manager. Teacher from 1/9/08, History, Government and Politics
Howell, Eileen 1/9/91 Present English. Head of Year 7
Howell, Mrs Jean Sept 1979 July 2002 Bursar. Retired in July 2002. (HR 78-9). From Malton CP
Hubery, Mrs Elaine 1986 1989 Part time Home Economics (HR85-6,AGR 89-90). Returned 1990
Huntington, Ms Apr 1985 July 1985 Temporary English & Games (HR84-5)
James, Graham 1/9/91 Present Biology 2nd in Science
Jarvis, Miss Suzanne

Sept 2000

July 2005

Head of Modern Languages. Departed to Worcester.
Jennings, Ian Sept 2008 Mar 2009 Music, ICT (maternity cover for JJK). Departed to concert tour in Europe.
Joannidis, Alex 1971- 1992? Head of English
Johnson, Mrs Christine March 2004


Library assistant. Careers & staff development administration
Johnson, Ray 1988   Caretaker
Johnston, Jenny 1/1/76 July 2008 Special Needs (appointment noted in Head's Report 1975-6)
Jones, Mr A Sept 72   Head of Religious Education (appt. noted HR Sept 72)
Jones, D A 1977 1990 Music. (AGR89-90)
Jones, Mrs Debbie Sept 1995 1996 A level English (part time joint arrangement from Norton)
Kay, Jennifer Sept 2005 Present Food and textiles technology
Kay, Mrs Rita 1971

Aug 1984

Maths, Deputy Head. (mentioned in Head's report 1978, retirement HR83-4)
Kettlewell, Mrs Jessica Sept 2005 Present Previously Miss Stokoe - married in August 2005
Key, Eric 1995 31/8/00 Chemistry, Maths. Retired through ill-health 2000
Key, Mrs Barbara 1975 July 1982 PE. Outdoor activities. (HR81-2)
Kilby, Mr J A 1989   Temporary English (AGR89-90)
Lally, Sarah 11/7/06 5/3/07  
Lane, Janice 8/12/08 Present Behaviour manager (job share)
Langdale, Anita Sept 2008 Present Music
Langley, Mark 1/9/03 31/8/06 PE. Moved to Bridlington (privatre school)
Lawes, Chris 15/4/76 July 2001 Head of RE; later Sociology (appt. noted Head's Report 12/5/75)
Leach, Susan Sept 2001 Present Head of Food and Textile Technology
Ledingham , Mrs F Wendy 1971 July 1980 Cook in charge. Died 21/10/81. (MSNews3/81)
Lees, Peter Sept 84   English, Deputy Head. From Upper Nidderdale (HR83-4)
Leeson, Joanne Sept 2007 Present Receptionist
Leonard, Mrs Elizabeth 31/10/05 24/7/06  
Lester, Ann 1995 Present Business Studies
Lock, Carol 30/11/09 Present General Teaching assistant
Lovegrove, Pat 1/9/90 Present Geography, Head of Lower School
Lucas, Eddie 1971 Aug 1988 Head of Geography, Head of Sixth. Previously MGS (Retired HR87-8)
Ludlow, Lisa April 2007 Present Formerly Lisa Hickman. Married
Lythe, Keith 1981   Assistant caretaker (HR 80-1)
Magee, Graham 1971 Present Technician (former pupil to 1971). IT from 1/9/00
Magson, Mrs Shirley 10/9/73 Jun 79 Clerical assistant (HR 78-9)
Makins, Geoff


July 1976

Head of Art (Retirement minuted Head's Report 1975-6)
Marcroft, Mr Thomas

Jan 1980

Aug 82 Physics - from Canon Lee. (HR 78-9, 81-2). Moved to Settle.
Marshall, Julian Sept 2006 Present Science (Chemistry)
Martin, Ian

Sept 99


Head of Science (Physics). Senior teacher 2006..
Martindale, Alan


Aug 1988

Maths, Economics, General Studies (HR87-8)
Mason, Philip 1971 1993 Maths, Deputy Head; taught for 100 terms at Malton School. Senior master 1980
Mason, Mrs Janet 1989   Temporary Mathematics (AGR88-9)
Mason, Russell



Chemistry, Science, IT
McCaul, Miss Margaret


  Part time Music
McKay, Heather 1/9/09 Present Science. Engineering
McKie, Mrs Molly     see Molly Skelton
McManus, Derek 1/9/76 1995 Head of Art
McMurdo, Kirsty 1/9/09 Present English
Michael, Mrs Vicky 1996 1997 English, Sociology
Miller, Barry 1/9/79 Present Design Technology (HR 78-9)
Miller, Miss Apr 1988 July 1988 English - maternity cover for Christine Smith (HR87-8)
Miller, Simone 1/1/10 Present Sports coordinator. Formerly Miss Goldsmith
Milne, Mrs M   15/7/77 School kitchens
Mitchell, Derek Jan 74 Aug 1979 Woodwork. Left to become a full-time youth leader. (HR 78-9)
Moore, Jude Sept 06 Present Advanced teaching assistant. (Also 1/9/00-31/1/03)
Morgan, Diana 1/9/92 2001 Science, Maths
Morley, Lynn 1/9/04 Present Advanced teaching assistant
Morris, Mrs Gladys 1976 1982 School Caterer - for the whole site (both dining halls) (HR81-2)
Mort, Sharon 1/9/98 3/4/2009 Dinnertime supervisor
Myers, Joanne 1/9/02 24/7/10 English. Left on maternity leave 2008. Moved down south in 2010.
Nichols, Ms Karen Sept 2004 Present Sociology; English, History. Psychology from 2007
Nicholson, Kim Sept 08 24/7/10 Sixth form pastoral officer. Left on maternity leave. Brief return.
Nightingale, Rob Sept 2006 April 2007 Design Technology (supply)
Olsen, Nick 8/12/08 Present Behaviour manager (job share)
Organ, Patrick 1995 August 1999 Head of Science (Physics)
Owtram, Mr William 70's

July 1976

English, Latin from 1971. (Retirement minuted Head's Report 1975-6)
Pain, Mrs Alex 22/6/09 Present Midday supervisor
Parrish, Heather 1995 Present GNVQ Health & Social Care, FT
Parrott, Mrs Sherry 1/9/06 Present General teaching assistant
Parry, Mr Walter 1973 1974 American exchange teacher, Geography (HR Oct 73)
Peters, Carol 1/9/88 July 2008 Maths, (former pupil 1962-70). Also present in 1982 - 2 days per week and subsequently
Peters, Karlie 2001 July 2002 Support Assistant, Games teacher
Peters, Richard Sept 1982 Dec 1988 Science, Youth Tutor (HR81-2, 87-8). From Elmfield, Doncaster
Pidebois, Mlle Helene Sept 87 Aug 1988 French assistante
Polson, Mrs Janice 5/1/06 24/7/06  
Pooleman, Bob 70's   Groundsman (mentioned in Head's report 1975-6)
Poulter, Mrs Theresa 1980 31/8/00 Technician. Retired in 2000
Price, David Sept 1995 Aug 1996 One year temporary Modern Languages. Died May 2010
Quero, Felix Sept 2001 July 2002 Mathematics, IT
Rawling, Mrs Amanda 2/11/09 Present General teaching assistant
Reddyhoff, Cliff



Technician Science
Reed, Terry 1/9/77 Present Art. From St Martin's College, Lancaster  (appt. noted Head's Report 11/7/77) Head of Art 1995+
Richardson, Miss Barbara 1/9/75   Physical Education (HR 13/10/75)
Richardson, Mrs Christine 1/9/2001 Present Special Needs. SEN coordinator from 2009
Richardson, Mary 8/10/2007 Present Science technician
Richardson, Tim 1/9/04 Present History.
Richmond, Mrs Emma 1/9/03 31/08/03 French. Wife of Matthew.
Richmond, Matthew Sept 2001 31/08/03 Head of PE
Roberts, David 1/9/89 31/8/2006 Head, German, French, ICT, Citizenship, GS ...
Robertson, Susan 1/9/02 31/8/03 Maths. Departed to teach in New Zealand.
Robinson, Alan 1971- July 2006 French . Previously MGS. Retired 06, but returned to cover some 6th form French
Robinson, Tim Sept 2004 Present History
Robinson, Tracey 1998 Dec 2006 Design Technology
Rowland, Maureen 1/9/77 1995 German, French, Italian
Rowntree, George 1971 Aug 1984 Maths, computing  (HR83-4 early retirement)
Rushton, Miss 1/9/71 1975 Girls PE.  Later Mrs D Hanson
Saunders, Mrs J 1989   Temporary Music
Sayle, Ellen



Head of Special Needs. Married in 2009 to become Mrs Stott
Scott, Gary


Present Information technology
Scott, Mrs Karen 20/11/2000 Present Advanced teaching assistant
Settle, Roy 1/9/82 1994 Science (Physics) (HR 81-2)
Seymour, Mrs Pamela 1977 1978 Temporary Special needs
Sharman, Miss Leah 1/9/06 Present French
Shaw, Mrs Valerie 1982   Temporary cover following Mr Whitehead's departure
Shawyer, Catherine Jan 1996 July 2001 Head of English. Moved to Joseph Rowntree's, York
Shepherd, Mrs G 1989   Temporary Music
Shields, Mrs Elizabeth (Lois) 1/9/1976

Aug 1985

Member of Parliament for Ryedale for one year (1985-6) (appt. noted Head's report 1975-6) Seconded to York University 1985
Sibley, Martyn 1998 Dec 2001 Maths, Science, Head of Upper School
Simpson, Sue 2002 Dec 2003 Attendance secretary
Skelton, Mrs Molly (McKie) 1971 Aug 1986 Needlecraft (HR85-6)
Smith, Claire 1/9/98 31/8/00 Head of Modern Languages, German, French
Smith, Mrs Christine 1/9/79 Aug 2009 English, Music. (Seconded as Head of Music, Scalby, for 1986-7 (HR85-6)
Smith, Shirley 1/9/71 1996 Typing, IT
Smith, Dr Stephen 6/1/03 Present Science and DT technician
Smith, Sue 2002 Dec 2003 Registration/attendance secretary
Speak, Miss B Sept 1977 Aug 1983 French. From Sheffield (HR11/7/77,HR82-3). To Scarborough 6th
Spencer, Hugh 1970 1993 History, Economics
Steel, Jon Jan 2002 Present Head of Upper School, Science, Maths, Careers
Steer, Mr M D Sept 1990   Head of Music (AGR89-90)
Stirton, Miss Kate 1/9/07 Present Maths. (Previously learning manager)
Stockdale, Mrs Julie 1/10/2001 Present Advanced senior teaching assistant
Stokoe, Miss Jessica Sept 2004 Present Head of Music, from Caedmon, Whitby. Married in 2005 - to become Mrs Kettlewell
Stone, Mrs Cath



Girls Games
Stott, Mrs Ellen



Formerly Miss Sayle. Senior manager, special needs
Sturgeon, June 1/9/1994 Present Dinnertime supervisor
Sturmheit, Ed Sept 2001 July 2007 Head of English
Symes, Mr 1970 1971 American exchange teacher
Tanton, Mrs Lesley 2000 July 2001 Business Studies, IT
Taylor, Claire Sept 2001 Present Science (Chemistry)
Taylor, Mrs 70's    
Taylor, Harold 1971

March 81

Assistant caretaker - formerly MCM since 1958 (HR 80-1)
Taylor, Richard Sept 2008


Mathematics, Physics
Telfer, Mrs Sue 1/9/98


Thomas, Mrs Brenda 1/9/83 July 1999 History. Supply cover previous to this. Various contracts after 1983
Thomas, Roger 1971- 1998 PE and Games, History, Head of Upper School 1988. Previously MGS. Senior teacher 1980 (asst. Upper School).
Thompson, Mrs Sue 30/4/2007 Present Learning manager
Thorp, Sarah Sept 2006 Present RE and Citizenship
Thorp, Stewart 1/9/91 1/01/04 Head of Music
Thorpe, Nicola Sept 2001 Present Geography, Business Studies
Train, K 13/6/77   Groundsman
Train, Mary 1971 July 2002 Cook, Cleaner and relief caretaker. Retired July 2002.
Train, Wilson 1994 2002 Cleaner.  Retired July 2002.
Tune, Claire 2006 Present Formerly Claire Taylor
Turner, Ian 1/9/2000 Present Advanced teaching assistant
Vagianos, Nick 1995 July 1999 IT, Geography, Games
Vincent, Karen 2005 Present Formerly Karen Hewitt. Head of Religious Education. Head of Year 8
Wakeham, Gavin 30/4/07 22/6/07 Learning manager
Wall, Mrs Carol 1/9/2001 Present Curriculum assistant
Wallen, John Jan 2007 Present Examinations Officer
Walker, Mr D G Sept 72 Aug 1977 Head of Languages. Moved to Ho6th, Daventry (resignation noted Head's report July 77)
Warburton, Pauline Sept 2007 Present Head of Science
Ward, Stella 1/9/89 1994 Careers, PSE, Geography
Waterworth, Reg 1971 1978 Religious Studies, English. Enjoyed table tennis. (retirement noted Head's report 1978)
Wattrus, Liz 1/1/03 18/7/03 Food Technology part time. Returned 2006-7 for some 5 hours Art per week
Whitaker, Mark Sept 2007 Present Design Technology, Art
White, Alf 1971 Aug 1979 Physics. (HR 78-9)
Whitehead, John 1971 Aug 1981 Youth Leader (HR81-2). Left to go to Filey
Wilcock, Mrs Claire Sept 2007 Present Head of English
Wild, Jim Sept 1977   Head of Design Technology (appt. noted Head's report 11/7/77)
Wilford, Mrs Jane 1/9/95 Present Support. Vocational work experience and careers coordinator (2009+)
Wilford, Trevor 1/9/01 31/08/03 Site manager
Williams, Mrs E M 1973 Mar 1985 English, Games (HR 84-5)
Williams, Mrs Eleanor 1971 Aug 1972 French.
Williams, Keith 1971 July 2004 Biology. Science.  Outdoor pursuits
Williams, Peter 18/2/08 31/8/08 Learning manager
Williams, Robert Sept 2006 Present Head teacher
Winter, Laura 2000 Dec 2002 Science technician
Wise, Mrs Nicola Jan 2005 Present School secretary
Wiseman, Carol 1997 July 2005 English, Sociology
Wright, Miss H J 1989   Science (AGR 88-9)
Wright, Mrs Jane 1/9/07 31/8/09 Support
Wood, Mrs 1976 Mar 1986 Head of Home Economics
Wright, Mrs K E 1975   Temporary cover in Art (noted in Head's report 12/5/75)
Yard, Mrs Jacqui

Jan 2000

June 2003 Librarian
Yates, David

Sept 2000

July 2008 Head of Information Technology. Moved to Driffield as Head of ICT
Youngs, Mr Derek


Present Learning manager