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Staff lists

Information on teaching staff and support staff is variable over the years. Some brief notes on the staff prior to 1910 can be found in Nigel Hudleston's History of Malton and Norton.

There is a staff register for the new Grammar School 1911 to 1934. Then it stops - though plenty of blank pages remain. The register contains details of the first 58 staff at the school, one page on each. The first entry is for Mr Watt.

Names can often be picked up from The Maltonian magazines, which usually note arrivals and departures. I have used these where spotted for the lists 1934-71.

Governors minutes provide a number of names for Malton County Modern School, though I doubt I have all of the staff names for this side of the school.

From the 1990s a computer database was kept, providing a useful source of information.