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An 1828 Copy Book

In 2000 David Roberts was given a very old exercise book from "Malton New School", dated November 1828, and titled as belonging to Richard Copping.  The writing from the first page is shown on the right, as well as just two examples of pages from the book. I call it a copy book because the working on every page is immaculate, as if it has been carefully copied from a board or a book.

A note from the donor, Mrs Agar, says that Richard Copping was 11 years old at the time, though I am uncertain as to how she knew this.

The book is full of page after page of writing of the same quality as shown here, and most seems to be related to land survey and measurement.  Marl-pits, measuring clay-pits, calculations of areas and volumes. There are no errors or crossings out to be seen anywhere in the book.

Malton New School is most likely to have been the "British School" for boys founded in Old Malton in 1827. These schools were based upon a monitorial system where younger children were "taught" by older monitors, often with large numbers of pupils of differing ages involved in one room.