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An 8-page stapled, typed, pamphlet, date unknown, but probably around the late 1930s. Miss Orr would later marry the headteacher, Mr T A Williams.


HELLO READERS! I am very pleased to announce that the " Form IV magazine " about which rumours have no doubt been heard so long, is on the market at last. This great achievement is due mainly to the untiring efforts of our form Mistress, Miss Orr, in the work of printing and binding, and to the unfaltering support of our contributors, whom I would like to take this opportunity of thanking sincerely on behalf of myself and the committee. Without their help it could not have succeeded.

This year has seen some great changes in the Form and with them the desire to set down in print some of the most important. Many of our schoolfellows have left, and to them we extend our best wishes. Next term we shall lose three more, Betty Tate, Freda Britton and Stanley Simons. Best of luck to them too! We shall be very sorry to have them go.

We have just heard, with great consternation, that in publishing this magazine ve run the risk of earning the disapproval of a very powerful rival, We assure the Editor of this magazine that the "Form IV Magazine" is not meant to be regarded as a rival in the least. Far from it! Anyhow, the magazine has at last reached the printers, and all is well.

Before closing, I should be very pleased to hear your opinions on this Magazine, Reader, as to whether you would like it published every term or not. This issue is the first so far and, I hope, not the last. As it is more of an experiment that anything else, any opinions of it would be gratefully received. Letters should be addressed to Miss Orr, The Grammar School, Malton. Thank you, chums.