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A History of Malton School

The first proof copy was printed on 13 June 2008. It is 215 A4 size pages,  660 illustrations, and full colour throughout printed on a silk finish page.  1000 copies were printed.

The book was published on 2 October 2008, and was first available at a book launch at the school.

The book is printed and bound in what is called 'Perfect Bound' style, with a softback cover which is a thick board, though not quite what you would call hardback.  It then has a wrap around book jacket which gives it a crisp, professional finish.  It was printed by HPE Print in Pickering.

The book was originally on sale from school at £15, (£19 if postage and packing required). It is not intended to make a profit on the book - only to cover costs and allow for some stock to be retained to satisfy requests over the years. The remaining few copies are available at £10.


  • Introduction
  • Malton Grammar School
  • Chapter 1 (pages 1-12) 1547 - 1904 The Early Years
  • Chapter 2 (pp13-30) 1911 - 1937 Ernest Loraine Watt
  • Chapter 3 (p 31-58) 1937 - 1951 Thomas Arthur Williams
  • Chapter 4 (pages 59-85) 1951 - 1971 Philip Taylor
  • Malton National School and Other Schools
  • Chapter 5 (pages 87-100) 1830’s - 1958 Edgar Hallam, Bertie Lever
  • Malton County Modern
  • Chapter 6 (pages 101-122) 1958 - 1971 George Hanson
  • Malton School
  • Chapter 7 (pages 123-148) 1971 - 1989 John Gresswell
  • Chapter 8 (pages 149-188) 1989 - 2006 David Roberts
  • Chapter 9 (pages 189-192) 2006 - Robert Williams
  • Maltonians
  • Appendix (pages 193-204) Former students

History of Malton School front cover

The book upload

I have uploaded the entire book in chapters for people to browse. As a compromise to keep file size to a minimum and download times down, I have reduced the quality of the photos considerably. You can get better quality pictures by looking at the photos in the photo gallery, or of course by buying the book - where photos are printed at high quality!