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A History of Malton and Norton - Nigel Hudleston

A book written by former Grammar School pupil, Nigel A Hudleston. Printed in 1962 by G A Pindar & Son, Scarborough. One copy I found was in Malton library, where there held more than one. I later purchased a copy for Malton School archive from a second hand book shop in Helmsley. 

The book charts the history of Malton and Norton from pre-historic times up to 1958, and includes commentary, notes of bills, receipts and other documents unearthed from the past, along with maps and pictures. It refers to the foundation of the grammar school in 1547, gives a translation of the Latin foundation document, a list of teachers from early times, and makes reference on a number of pages to the changes to the school.  It appears to be a strong source for the History of Malton School booklet produced by David Lloyd and others in 1965.

I have taken the liberty of reproducing some of the photographs here.  I trust that in the spirit of spreading information about the town, no one will mind.  I did write to Mr Hudleston, who, at the time of compiling this page was still alive, to ask his permission. I am not sure who drew the sketches.