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The History of Norton College -

Richard Young

Printed in 2013. Paperback, A4 size, 132 pages

A very interesting history of Malton School's close neighbour, Norton College, written by Richard Young, who was a scholar both in Norton and at Malton Grammar School, and a teacher at Norton College for over 30 years.

I have known Dick for many years, first meeting him when we both ran Adult Education Centres - he at Norton, myself at New Earswick. He taught history, as well rising to become a senior teacher at Norton, and his book is very thoroughly researched as you expect from a historian, with lots of documentary detail found about the origins and progression of education in Norton from the Parish schools in the 1800s, through the Norton Bower National School, Norton Boys, Girls and Infants, Norton County Secondary, Norton School, Norton College, and eventually its conversion from College to Academy.

Norton College, and education in Norton, is closely intertwined with that in Malton, with many students attending both schools, either as grammar school entrants or as sixth formers, and the same national movements impacting on the two populations. There has been rivalry, competition, and at times hostility, but there has also been cooperation and common purpose.

The book is well worth reading, and is very generously priced at only £10, available from Hoppers and from Norton College.