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The School Magazine

Number 2: July 1917

20 pages

Three months on and a triumphant second edition of the magazine appears. Once more the effects of the war pervade: news of Rex Fowles and Jack Binnie - both killed in action. Jack had joined up aged 17. Mr Watt and Miss Edwards had both suffered breakdowns under the strain, and Miss Edwards had left.

Mr Watt's Report to Governors notes that the school was built for 120, and currently held 130.

The Dream, The Boiling Lake,and Recollections of Tennis are prose offerings, while a lengthy poem in iambic pentameter entitled The Three Caskets is offered by "DUCK OF THE DERWENT".

An article on RE in Secondary Schools appears, as does the first report on the Field Club. Some indignant boys write to complain of sex discrimination - why are only girls allowed in the Field Club?

Number 3 December 1917 No.3

20 pages

Gertrude Barker takes over as editor from Doris Boyt.

A debate on the value of prefects has been raging - there appears to be an anti-prefect lobby in school, probably consisting of those who suffered "impositions" at their hand in the name of discipline. Character building, leadership training, and "it'll be your turn one day" are given in defence.

The reading club continues, reading Othello, though "we wish that the boys would attend better; the majority of attenders are girls".

Twelfth Night was the Pastoral Play, performed at Swinton Grange, Hovingham Hall and Leat House.

The Field Club welcomes boys to its ranks - obviously the letter in No.2 had an effect.

Sports Reports become much fuller - even batting averages for eight innings, topped by Kirkbride: 8 Inns; 190 runs; HS 74 and Av. 23.4