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The Maltonian - Volume 8. Issues 100 - 107
July 1951 - December 1955

General notes. At this stage magazines were being produced twice a year. Most include a contents page - and the general content seems to be Introductory notes, From our diary, a note of school officers, Parents Guild, The Library, The Orchestra, Scout Notes, Guide notes, Boys and Girls Games reports, a report from The Dramatic society, and then a selection of pupil writings including poetry, stories, reports on trips. They close with an Old Maltonians section which reports on contacts from former pupils and updates readers on their progress since leaving school.

No. 100 July 1951 38 pages

The centenary edition marks "a turning point in the school's history", with the departure of TA Williams, and the arrival of the new Headmaster, Philip Taylor. The edition contains messages from TAW and PIP, and from Sir William Worsley. Mr Barty writes a testimonial to TAW. Two photographs are included - A front view of the school, and an arial view - both taken by Massers.

This being the 100th edition of the magazine, there are some interesting reminiscences of the previous years from former pupils - The Rebirth of MGS by Eleanor (Atkin) Sinton, Early Days by Helen (Carlisle) Wilson, First Impressions 1919 by GCB, 1929-1936 by Eric Robson, MGS 1935-42 by A.K.S.

No. 101 February 1952 32 pages

Includes a "Hail and Farewell" list of students who left and who arrives. Also a list of exam results - 8 students at Advanced, 32 at O level, and prizes. A report on speech Day (Friday 19 December 1951), held in the Milton Rooms.

A photo of Mr Williams is included as a plate.

Drama reports include a cast list for The Tempest and St Joan, and a write-up of the latter by Ruth Thorpe. A joint musical festival was staged at the 18 July 1951, with , Malton County Primary, Malton Senior School, Norton County Primary Girls School, Norton Boys School, St Andrew's, and Malton Grammar School all contributing items, performing in the Milton Rooms "packed to full capacity".

Sports Day results for 1951 are included - Backhouse and Cowen were joint Victores Ludorem on 18 points, and Carlisle won the House competition.

Contributions from students include poetry and prose by S Nendick, K Greenley and R Rollinson, Lorna Fox, Barbara Wilcox, Patsy Laburn and Marion Lownsborough. The magazine ends with the OMA notes, which includes "20 years ago" by N A Hudleston.

No. 102 July 1952 28 pages

Includes a tribute to Miss Platts, who leaves due to "domestic circumstances".

The usual headings, and a report on Sports Day 1952: Victor Ludorem Cowen, Victrix Ludorem M Holiday. Carlisle win again. A document written by W C Copperthwaite, written in 1877, is included noting the dilapidated condition of the buildings and the suggestion for a move. Pupil contributions from Ian Masser, Lorna Fox, and Mary Gray.

The usual OM notes give full details of former pupils who remain in touch.

No. 103 March 1953 38 pages

The Autumn term started with the "very large number of 198 pupils and a teacher short". Mr Taylor is attempting to "make our school dinner more like a family meal, by having tablecloths and by encouraging scholars to bring serviettes and perhaps flowers".

I note Terry Dyson is in the Hail and Farewell section - later to play football for England and Tottenham Hotspurs.

In the library notes is a thank you to Mr Nigel Hudleston, OM, who donated over a hundred bound volumes of Punch. They were still in the library in 2003, though we were looking to sell them as they have little interest in the current day.

The Dramatic Society had staged "The Rivals", again reviewed by Ruth Thorpe, and a cast list appears.

There is a report on a Form V and VI trip to London with Mr Richardson - the National Gallery, The House of Commons, a basketball match, the Science museum, Changing the Guards, the Zoo, Ice Hockey, and "The Modern Inventions and New Ideas Exhibition", St Pauls. Stay at the YMCA. Report by C P Flynn (VI upper). Clare Lamb reports that Form II had been to Byland Abbey, Kilburn, Coxwold, Yearsley and Rievaulx. Dinah Potter reports of a Form V girls' trip to to France (Lille), and to Belgium and London. D H Marwood reports on a trip to Edinburgh with 7 others from school. And Jean Armitage and Jean Christie report on their weekend at Wrea Head, Scarborough, on a musical residential course.

A new addition to the magazine format is Form notes - with a section from Forms I to VI. Poetry contributions from Jean Marwood (I), Sally Milne (I), Brian Windsor (I), Faith Webster (I), Rosemary Lawson (II), Pamela Pringle (II), Heather Blakeborough (II), Jean Atkinson (II), Patsy Laburn (II) and Anon (V). Prose from Ann Fletcher (I), Faith Webster (I), John Rolls (I), Gillian Taylor (III), N Suggitt (IV) and A Smailes (IV).

The OM section includes an account of a Danish school visited by Kitty Thackray.

No. 104 November 1953

Staff changes - Mr Mudge retires and Mr Arveschoug and Mr Martindale arrive. Mr Rolls has been absent for a leg operation, and ceased to be Games master when he returned.

A prefab is being erected at the North end of the gym, to allow more room. This will allow the existing art room to become the new reference library.

The Guides camped at Goathland. Scouts did not have a summer "troop camp", but some of the scouts joined a jamboree at Lake Windermere (Chris Tyson provides a write-up), and Muir went to the Rover Moot at Kanderstag, Switzerland. He provides a write-up in Conventus Kanderzstag. He also contributes to a write-up of a religious conference at Wydale Hall, with Margaret Muir. Gillian Taylor (Form IV) writes of a guide trip to London.

Dinah Potter writes about the visit to the Northern Echo. Jean Christie writes about a Schools orchestral course, Susan Nendick, Marion Myers and Margaret Bateson about (different) times in France. J Carr and M Brewer, students from St John's College, write up their impressions of MGS.

Poetry and prose contributions from P Laburn (III), M Cryer (IV), Mavis Thackray (IV), R Rickatson (III), Joyce Hague (III), Howard Fox (II), Susan Jackson (I), Lorna Fox, Rachel Nendick (II), Elizabeth Allison (I), and A Glendenning (I).

In the OMA section, there is a letter from Brian Turner who writes about Life on HMS Vanguard, as well as the usual round-up of contacts.

No. 105 July 1954

The prefab is now constructed. The "Glory hole" becomes a sick room, the gym gets a new floor covering, the old art room becomes a beautifully equipped library.

Twelfth Night is staged by a mainly junior cast in the East term. The Diary notes point out that the entire school went to see a special showing of the film "Ascent of Everest" on 7 April 1954.

The middle school pupils held a debate - "School uniform should be abolished". The motion was carried by a small margin.

The scout troop welcomes Mr Martindale as ASM, taking some weight off the shoulders of Mr Bratt. Summer camp is to be at Gilling; for the Guides, summer camp is to be at Hutton le Hole.

Form notes return. Trips write ups - Spring in Paris, Gillian Taylor; Young Farmers Club trip to Scotland, D Humble and D Prest (IV); York Mystery Plays, Jennifer Smith (IV); Easter in the West Country (H.G.B.) Poetry and prose from A Glendenning (I), P Piercy (I), J Young (II), E Bowman (II), H Lomas (I), F Webster (II), A Blakeborough (I), H Watson (I), J Rolls (II), D Kirk (II), T Buckle (II), P Taylor (III), M LLoyd (III), G Fletcher (VI L), S Nendick (VI).

The OMA section contains a tribute to Eric Robson - who died on 21 May. He left MGS (1929-36) to study at Manchester university, served in Burma, then became one of the leading historians of our time.

No. 106 February 1955

In a major leap forward of technology, the school receives its first television set, "from an anonymous donor". "The potentialities of Television for education are as yet hardly realised, but clearly it will be employed more and more in the future in this way during the daytime hours". Staff offer to supervise in the evening for pupils to view suitably educational programmes.

The canteen is to be extended. Miss Fraser resigns through ill health after twenty years - a testimonial is provided. The Dramatic Society purchase "a very complex lighting switchboard" at a cost of over thirty pounds. The next production is in preparation.

A brief report on the Scout camp at Gilling lakes, and the guides at Hutton le Hole. The library "has become a place to admire". A new issue desk, new electric lights, and gaily coloured curtains. The Eric Robson bequest of books has been acquisitioned. Reading still holds its own in spite of competition from radio, television and cinema.

The school hosted the Annual Inter-Schools Athletic Sports competition, with thirteen schools taking part.

Form report for I to V round up the activity of each form in half page summaries. Visits and trips are reported by I Masser (VI) - Marne; P Robinson (V) - French penfriend; Jennifer Smith (Va) - Vosges; M Thackray and H Ward (V) - French in Scarborough. Poetry and prose offerings from B Styan (I), Pam Taylor (IV), Elizabeth Bowman (III), Elizabeth Barker (I), Howard Fox (III), Davina Kirk (III), Elizabeth Hill (III).

No. 107 December 1955

The end of an era: Mr Barty leaves after 36 years. So do Mr Richardson and Miss Richardson (School secretary). There is of course a full tribute to AB, and to Mr Richardson. Also to George Barker, who died this year. And to Horace Hollinrake, a former pupil who went on to be Professor of Music at the University of Auckland. Also to Governor Ernest Taylor, and secretary of the Parents Guild, Jimmy Walker.

New extensions are planned by 1960 - increasing the school numbers to 350. A new Hall - four times the size of the present one - new Woodwork Room, Kitchen and Dining Hall, with the library to move to the present hall. The alterations and extensions are to begin in the summer of 1956.

A new school badge representing "the broad outline of the School's history" is being worn. A full explanation of the symbols appears in a 1963 school prospectus. A brochure has been prepared "giving a full account of our history, administration, amenity and aims. [Not yet found. Does anyone have one - it was given to all pupils].

The Dramatic Society had put on three one-act plays - Eldorado, Thread O' Scarlet, and The Rehearsal. The School Orchestra notes write of the formation of a Youth Orchestra with Pickering, Malton and Scarborough providing the members.

Visits and trips are reported - Lastingham Scout Camp by VAM, Austria by Form VI girls, Rome by P Rynehart (Form II), Hiking in the Lakes by A Blakeborough (III). Football trials - I Smith (V); A French Visitor - Marion Myers (VI); Nairobi - Joan Lindeman (I); George - a sketch - R Wilson (VI). Poetry by Elizabeth Barker (II), Keith Dickinson (II), and Heather Watson (III).