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An 8-page booklet, date unknown, but there is reference to 1947 changes inside.


THIS ASSOCIATION of past pupils and staff of the Malton Grammar School was founded by Mr. Ernest L. Watt in 1918.

ITS AIMS AND OBJECTS are as follows:

  1. To form a bond between the members and the School through the media of Re-unions and the Association's magazine"The Maltonian."
  2. To promote or assist in any activities conducive to extending the interests and influence of the School.
  3. To promote and administer such sectional activities as may be desired by bodies of the members.
  1. No person shall be a Member of the Association who has not been a pupil of the Malton Grammar School, or who is not or has not been on the Teaching Staff of the School; but the Association in General Meeting, on the unanimous recommendation of the Executive Council, may elect as an Honorary Member any person who shall have rendered some distinguished service to the Association or to the School.
  2. Any duly qualified person shall have the right to become an ordinary Member of the Association, and shall not (so long as he conforms to the rules relating to the payment of subscriptions) be required to submit to election Or to any test whatsoever, or to furnish any particulars other than. such as shall be necessary to establish his qualification, but the Executive Council may, by unanimous resolution, suspend for such period as they deem proper any Member from membership on the ground that the character or conduct of such Member is likely to bring discredit upon or to prejudice the Association or any of its undertakings.
  3. The annual subscription for ordinary Members shall be two shillings and sixpence and such subscription shall be due and payable in advance, and no .person shall be registered as a Member of the Association whose first subscription shall not have been paid.
  4. It shall be within the option of a Member at any time to compound his future subscriptions by an immediate payment of Three Guineas.
  5. The executive Council shall have power to suspend from membership any Member who has failed to pay his subscription within twelve months of the date on which it became due Such Member shall not be permitted to renew his membership without special resolution of the Executive Council.
  6. 6. The Association shall pay to the Editor of the Maltonian the sum of one shilling and sixpence from each subscription received from ordinary members, and the same sum annually in respect of each Life Member.
  7. The General Secretary shall keep a Register, upon which shall be entered the name and last known of every Member.
  8. Three members of the Executive Council, two of whom must be elected members, shall form a quorum
  9. The Executive Council shall at its first meeting each year elect its own Chairman for the ensuing year.
  10. The Executive Council may appoint Committees from among its Own members solely, or partly from its own members and partly from members of the Association generally, for any special purposes, by any report or decision of any such Committee shall only be effective when adopted or confirmed by a Resolution of the Executive Council. The General Secretary shall be an ex-officio Member of all such Committees.
  1. The Financial Year of the Association shall terminate on the 31st day of December in each year.
  2. The Executive Council shall cause proper books of account to be kept of the property and funds of the Association, and of all dealings with the same, and in particular, a balance sheet shall be prepared at the end of each financial year which shall fully disclose the assets and liabilities of the Association and its exact financial position.
  3. The books of account and vouchers and the balance sheet shall be submitted to audit by two Auditors who shall give a certificate if, in, their opinion, the balance sheet correctly shows the financial position of the Association and is in accordance with the books of account and vouchers, and such balance sheet when so certified shall be submitted for the approval and acceptance of the members at the Annual General Meeting.
  4. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held within two months after 'the close of each financial year. The notice convening such meeting shall be issued at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting. The Business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:-
    1. To confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.
    2. To receive, and if so resolved, to adopt the statement of accounts for the preceding year.
    3. To receive, and if so resolved, to adopt the Executive Council's report for the preceding year.
    4. To elect the following officials for the ensuing year :
      1. President.
      2. Vice-President.
      3. General Secretary.
      4. Treasurer.
      5. Ten members to serve on the Executive Council.
      6. Two Auditors.
    5. Any other business which in the opinion of the President may properly be brought before the meeting.
  5. Ten members shall be deemed to form a quorum at any General Meeting of the Association.
  6. The President of the Association shall take the chair at any General Meeting, but after notification of his inability or his failure to attend within ten minutes of the time fixed for opening of business, the members present shall elect a chairman.
  7. Upon a requisition addressed to the Executive Council, signed by not less than five members, the Executive Council shall, within one month of the receipt of the requisition, cause a General Meeting to be summoned to consider the question raised by the requisition. The Executive Council, before summoning such a special meeting may require from the signatories of the requisition a deposit of a sum of money sufficient to cover the cost of summoning and holding such meeting, and such sum shall be employed in defraying such cost, unless the meeting decide by resolution to refund such sum to the signatories.
  8. The Rules for the time being in force are only alterable at an Annual General Meeting. Notice of any proposed alteration must be signed by at least two members of the Association and be sent to the General Secretary at: least twenty eight days before the Annual General Meeting at which it is intended to propose the alteration. .
  9. The Executive Council shall cause these Rules to be printed and every member shall be entitled to receive a copy of the same, and the members shall be bound by and subject to the Rules of the Association for the time being, and shall, in all respects, loyally observe the same. No member shall be absolved from any liability or obligation imposed by the Rules of the Association for the time being, or be excused for any breach of such Rules, on the ground that he has not received a copy of the same or has not had notice of their Contents.

REVISED CONSTITUTION as adopted by the Annual General Meeting - 1947.