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A Yorkshire Life magazine reporter visited the school for an article which appeared in December 1963. The relevant pages are summarised below.

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Speech Day

Malton School, now in vigorous old age, owes its survival to townsfolk's pride, says A L Laishley.

The first Malton Grammar School was endowed in 1547 by Robert Holgate, Archbishop of York. It stood on the site of the Gilbertine Priory at Old Malton which had been dissolved in 1539. But though the modern Grammar School grew out of that old foundation, it owes its present existence, less to Robert Holgate himself than to Malton's personal pride in his little school.

At first, Archbishop Holgate's School, as it was called, prospered despite periodic friction between the master and the people of Old Malton, for the education it offered compared quite favourably with that of other schools. An advertisement, still in existence, gives an idea of conditions in the school in the early eighteenth century. It states that "youth are completely qualified for any business in Latin, Greek and also Arithmetic in all its parts, Navigation, Measuring, Merchants' Accounts and Writing in very great perfection."

The price for board was £7 per annum, board and learning 9 guineas; and learning, board and clothes were "found in a neat and decent manner at the expense of £12".

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