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A midi file is available for those who want to hear the tune again - sent by Simon Crozier in Dec 2002.

Verse One was sung by all; Verse Two was sung by the Boys, Verse Three by the Girls ("all things sweet and fair as Mr Barty would remark), and the last verse was sung by all present - pupils and audience [thanks to Dick Thornton for correction on details].  The hymn was always used at Speech Day. It would be interesting to know when the hymn was first adopted by the school and when it ceased to be used.

School psalterHymns were used in Assembly on Tuesdays - Fridays. On Monday a psalm was used. All pupils were given a hymn book and psalter when they entered the school. The hymn on the last day of term was always Number 333: lord Dismiss us with Thy Blessing' with its references to: Those who here shall meet no more' 'Those returning, those returning Make more faithful than before.'

Simon Crozier writes in June 2002: "John White Chadwick wrote the words in 1864 for the graduation class of Harvard Divinity School. Malton Grammar School sang the hymn to music written by Eric Thiman."  Dick Thornton sent a tonic solfa rendition of the tune for those who wish to hum it:

s m r r d r m l- tl--  s m s D t l t l- ms  s m r r d r m D- tl  fe s
l t- R- D t s l t s--
s l s D-- s m m r d l--  l D  t s m f s l- t* d--
(*indicates bottom te.  D and R indicate top Doh and Re.)

Brian Windsor secured a copy of the sheet music for this hymn, via the internet.  As it is still in copyright (owned by Music Sales Limited who bought out Novello), it would be inappropriate to copy it here, but anyone interested can obtain a copy from the same site for £1.75.  Try  and search for the title "Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round".  It was printed by Novello in 1927.



Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round

Words by J. W. Chadwick; Music E. Thiman


Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless round
Of circling planets singing on their way;
Guide of the nations from the night profound
Into the glory of the perfect day;
Rule in our hearts that we may ever be
Guided and strengthened and upheld by Thee.

We are of Thee, the children of Thy love,
The brothers of Thy well-beloved Son;
Descend, O Holy Spirit, like a dove
Into our hearts that we may be as one;
As one with Thee, to Whom we ever tend
As one with Him, our brother and our friend.

We would be one in hatred of all wrong
One in our love all things sweet and fair
One with the joy that breaketh into song,
One with the grief that trembleth into prayer.
One in the power that makes the children free
To follow truth, and thus to follow Thee.
O clothe us with Thy heavenly armour, Lord,
Thy trusty shield, Thy sword of love divine;
Out inspiration be Thy constant word;
We ask no victories that are not Thine;
Give or withold, let pain or pleasure be:
Enough to know that we are serving Thee.