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Leavers' Booklets, Final Assemblies and Yearbooks.


Leaver's Booklets
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
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  • 2008
  • 2009 Includes 4 pages of photos
  • 2010
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Final Assemblies
  • 2009 Never actually published? Available here as pdf


From around 2002 onwards, teaching staff made a determined effort to celebrate Year 11's time at school with them, and move away from the old idea that on their final day they played tricks, including eggs-and-flour battles. This effort paid off, the eggs and flour disappeared, and the Prom and final days became enjoyed by all, a true celebration of happy times at school.

Part of the events on the final day was a final morning assembly, in which initially a story, then in later years poems, and later still songs performed by Mr Steel and myself. These may well become available on the web in due course.

Also a small A5 booklet was produced for each student and handed out at the assembly, giving a few contact details, the names of every student in the year group, and in later editions a few photographs as well, thanks to Mrs Audsley seeking out some photos to include from the archive. For the versions on this site, the telephone numbers and addresses have been stripped out, but the villages and towns have been left.

In some years the Head Boy and Girl team produced a yearbook which was more student orientated than the "official" booklet. Again where I can find copies of these they will become available. In 2009 one got as far as being scanned, but I don't think the team every then actually printed any copies. The scan has been put on the site as is - that is, with stretched and squashed photos in places, and 4 people to a page (it was meant to fold into a booklet).

And of course the final day produced lots of photo opportunities, both still and video. Some video already exists, the photos will be following.