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Greta Clowes (nee Laubister) wrote on 15 September 2013

Clearing out my bookshelves the other day the enclosed book came to light, only 71 years overdue!

In 1941 I was evacuated to Malton with other girls from Newlands High School in Hull to be educated and kept safe from the bombing. I remember with pleasure my time spent at Malton Grammar School. Mr Williams was the Headmaster then, and lived opposite the school. He was always kind to us.

The music teacher, I forget his name, also lived near by. We learnt to sing some verses of Psalm 67 in Latin and these were sung at assembly. I remember these to this day. He left me with a love of folk songs and music.

During the summer holidays I stayed with my foster carer Miss C A Stickland at the Manore Farm in Spaunton near Lastingha,. The blast from a Lancaster bomber which had crashed close by killed Miss Strickland's brother George. I was left highly nervous and my mother decided to take me back home. However, I have never forgotten my time at Malton Grammar School, the friends made there, and the teachers who inspired me.

I did meet an old Malton Grammarian who was a lecturer in the computing department at Newcastle University, along with my husband John. Again his name escapes me.


Greta Clowes

(nee Labistour).