The Maltonian Web


Newsletters have featured periodically in the School's past. Until 1971 at the Grammar School the Maltonian was really the school newsletter, and copies from 1917 - 1971 are in the archive.  A selection of digests of some copies is available on this site.

In 1980 John Gresswell appears to have introduced an in-house production - 8 sides of A4 produced on a spirit duplicator. 8 editions of this publication have been found, ranging from 1980 - 1983.  Further copies may exist, but as yet have not materialised. The newsletters are a mixture of information, and reports by staff and students on school trips and events.

The first two have been scanned and are now available.

A newsletter re-emerged in the 1990's, in December 1993.  These will also be scanned in as time permits.

From 1996 I produced a newsletter on the first Friday of each half term, and these are available from the September 1996 edition.

Newsletters were black and white productions until February 2010, when new reprographics hardware allowed us to go full colour in-house, which meant we could share photographs with all readers. In March 2014 production was moved to an outside company - MB Designs - who typeset and arranged a somewhat boldly colourful production.

From 2004 exam newsletters were produced, designed specifically to inform parents and students about upcoming exams, and give advice and information. These usually accompanied reports.