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The Maltonian Archive - Posters

In 2001 with the new freedom of good quality digital photos, I started producing annual photo compilation posters. Four pages were printed double sided on A3 paper commercially by InPrint in Malton, and the pages were inserted into our October Newsletters and prospectus to inject a little colour and vitality to the in-house text production. The Sixth Form pages became the front page of the Sixth Form prospectus. The practice ceased in 2005 when I designed full colour prospectuses for Main School  and prospectus for Sixth Form, printed by HPE Printers in Pickering. 
A3 posters continued to be produced for display in-school, the task ably taken over by my PA, Rebecca Audsley.

The Maltonian Archive

The School has a large collection of archive material: books; magazines; news clippings; photographs; prospectuses, paintings; videos; badges; trophies; commemorative plaques; items of old uniform.

Many of these items are filed and indexed, and visitors can view them by arrangement. Some have been kept in the school, unearthed when rooms have been cleared out, or found up in the loft, or cupboards; others have been donated by former students or their relatives. The School tries to preserve them as best it can for the interest of current and future generations.