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Sports Day 1946





THURSDAY 6th June 1946

2 P.M.


Individual Events: 1st, 4; 2nd 2; 3rd, 1.
Events 29, 30, 34: 1st,  9; 2nd 5; 3rd, 2
Events 8, 39, 41:    1st 4. -    -


Carlisle: Gold.
Fitwilliam: Blue.
Holgate: Red.
Willougby: Green.


School Records.

  • Boys' High Jump: 5ft. 4 ins.
  • Boys' Long Jump: 18ft. 4 ins
  • Boys' 100 yards: 10 3/5 secs.
  • Boys 220 yards: 26 4/5 secs.
  • Boys 440 yards: 55 2/5 secs.
  • Boys 880 yards: 2 min. 24 3/4 secs.
  • Girls High Jump: 4 ft. 10 ins.
  • Girls' 100 yards: 12 3/5 secs.


W Appleton Esq.
R Barker Esq.
Maj. Bouffler
T C Gouldsmith
J D Hall Esq.
F S H Ward Esq.
T A Williams Esq.
Miss Frankland
Mr Rolls
Mr. Brundrett
Mr Mudge
Presentation of trophies:
The Rev. D'Arcy Ward
  1. Cricket Ball I (228 ft. 9 in.)
    1. Pugmire (F). 2. Coverdale(W). 3. Hepton (C) Pattison K.(W).
  2. Cricket Ball II (213ft);
    1. Hepton (C). Pugmire (F). 3. Fairbanks (C).
  3. Cricket Ball III. (133 ft. 6 in.)
    1.Turner N. (W). 2. Kidson (C). Porter (C).
  4. Long Jump I. (17 ft. 3 in.)
    1. Vasey M. (W). 2. Wrangham ;(W). 3. Long (C).
  5. Long Jump II. (14ft.7in.) ·
    1. J Fairbanks (C). 2. Strange-way (F) 3. Scarthe (H).
  6. Long Jump III (12ft.8½ in.)
    1. Turner N. (W). 2. Ramsden (H). 3. Pattison J. (H). 7
  7. 880 Yards (2mm. 40 sec.) :
    1. Pattison K. (W). 2. Sagar (H). 3. Crawshaw (C).
  8. Netball.
    1. Willoughby.
  9. [I assume these events took place before the day, and thus results were known.  What follows is a list of competitors for each event, with spaces for the results.  STF ]
  10. Boys' II. High Jump.
    Fairbanks Heslop Wood T.
    1st............... 2nd.. ...........  3rd...............
  11. Boys' III. High Jump.
    Foster  Porter Turner N. Kidson
    1st............... 2nd............... 3rd............ [repeat for all events]
  12. Boys' 1. High Jump.
    Rowsbv R. Vasev Sagar Wrangham
  13. Girls' II. High Jump.
    G.Dunning I.Leggat J.Flynn D.Edwards M.Sagar
  14. Girls' III. High Jump.
    L Cook I Humble B Hudson D Stanley I Mackinnon E Lee
  15. Girls I High Jump
    G Dunning I Milner M Sagar
  16. Boys' I 100 Yards
    Long Rowsby R. Pattison K. Pattison R. Wrangham Tate-Smith
  17. Boys' II 100 Yards
    Fairbanks Hayton Scarth Waites Hind Wilson
  18. Girls III 80 Yards
    J Baker B Hudson S Heron I Mackinnon L Cook J Robson
  19. Boys' III 100 Yards
    Kidson Rowsby B. Yates Pattison J. Turner N.
  20. Girls I 100 Yards
    D. Hickes B. Spencer D Chapman I Milner D Kirkwood J Allen
  21. Boys I 220 Yards.
    Long Pattison K. Towse Sagar Wrangham Roswby R.
  22. Girls' II 100 Yards.
    D Chapman D Hodgson I Leggat J Robson M Long
    D Edwards
  23. Girls' I Travelling Race.
    D Chapman O Allison I Milner A Sturdy D Hickes D Kirkwood
  24. Girls' III Sack Race.
    A Mitchell S Heron I Mackinnon L Cook J Robson G Lonsdale
  25. Girls' II Treacle Tin Race.
    B Rickatson M Mudd D Edwards J Weldon S Pratt J Pearson
  26. Boys' I 440 yards.
    Long Heslop Pattison R. Pattison K. Sagar
  27. Boys' II 220 Yards.
    Bews Hayton Scarth Waites Rowsby G. Wilson
  28. Boys' III 220 Yards.
    Kidson Rowsby B. Yates Pattison J. Turner N.
  29. Girls' I. Obstacle Race
    E. Boyes G. Freer K. Martin G. Dunning M Charters G Monkman
  30. Girls' I Circular Relay
    D Hodgson, D Edwards, J Allen, A Sturdy
    M Sagar, J Heron, E Boyes, D Kirkwood
    M Jarvis, I Leggat, M Ash, J Weldon
    B Hudson, I Milner, M Long, J Wilson
    S Coates, J Pearson, D Chapman, I Mackinnon
    G Freer, B Spencer, D Hickes, J Robson
  31. Boys' Circular Relay
    Crawshaw, Ashton, Sagar, Vasey
    Long, Cole, Rowsby R., Coverdale
    Sawdon, Starr, Pattison R., Pattison K.
    Barton, Strangeway, Tate-Smith, Wrangham
    Gaden, Heslop, Scarth, Waites
    Fairbanks, Towse, Rowsby G., Wilson
  32. Boys' Slow Bicycle Race
    Barton, Heslop, Sagar, Vasey
    Long, Hewson, Rowsby R., Coverdale
    Crawshaw, Cass, Rowsby G., Wood T.
  33. Boys' Chariot Race Heat 1. Carlisle v. Willoughby
    Carlisle: Dallimore, Crawshaw, Long, Sawdon, Barton, Gaden, Goforth
    Willoughby: Vasey, Coverdale, Pattison K., Waites, Wrangham, Wood T., Veysey
  34. Boys' Chariot Race Heat 2. Fitzwilliam v. Holgate
    Fitzwilliam: Ashton, Pugmire, Hayton, Heslop, Towse, Hewson, Irvine
    Holgate: Pattison R., Rowsby G., Hind, Sagar, Roswby R., Scarth, Ramsden
  35. Girls' Crawling Egg and Spoon Team Race
    S Coates, J Heron, D Chapman, M Andrew
    E Danby, P Lund, M Ash, P O'Conner
    E Grice, E Martin, J Allan, K Thackray
    M Jarvis, J Pearson, M Long, R Pickering
    M Grice, J Smithson, E Boyes, J Wilson
    D Hodgson, D Stanley, D Hickes, J Thompson
  36. Boys' Obstacle Race Heat 1. Carlisle v. Willoughby
    Carlisle: Barton, Crawshaw, Gaden Willoughby: Vasey, Coverdale, Wrangham
  37. Family Race Teams of three - Father, Mother and Child (Boy or Girl, no age limit). Entries to Miss Taylor
  38. Boys' Obstacle Race Heat 2. Fitzwilliam v. Holgate
    Fitzwilliam: Heslop, Hayton, Cass Holgate: Sagar, Harrison,
  39. O.M.A. Three-legged Race (Handicap). Entries to Mr. Mudge
  40. Boys' Chariot Race. Final.
  41. Boys' Obstacle Race. Final
  42. Boys Tug of War. Final. Holgate v. Willoughby
    Holgate: Boak, Sagar, Rowsby R., Pattison R., Hind, Harrison, Rowsby G., Scarth Willoughby: Vasey, Coverdale, Pattison K., Wrangham, Waites, Wood T., Race, Wilson

Presentation of House Shield and Individual Trophies by The Rev. D'Arcy Ward.