The Maltonian Web

Dramatic Productions 1959

The Little Man by John Galsworthy

Performed at Malton Grammar School, 19 - 23 January 1959

The cast list below appeared in The Maltonian, No 114

  • The American Peter Rolls
  • The Little Man Fergus Rynehart
  • The Dutch Boy John Hanson
  • The Englishman Patrick Marshall
  • The Englishwoman Lynn Kirby
  • The German David Thackray
  • The Mother Jean Walker
  • The Waiter Peter Train
  • The Official Peter Thorpe
  • The Porter Michael McGuire
  • The Policeman Ian Taylor

  • Producer David Lloyd

The Fish by Yves Cabrol

Performed at Malton Grammar School December 1959
  • Louis Cabrol David Lowe
  • Yvette Plum Anne Hewitt
  • Celestine Plum Elisabeth Crowther
  • Pierre Plum Anthony Thorp
  • Yves Cabrol Christopher Clifford
  • Hortense Plum Elizabeth Barker
  • Marianne Cabrol Mary Witty
  • Georges Dardin Rodney Glover

  • Producer Mr Lawley

The Countess Cathleen by W B Yeats

Performed at Malton Grammar School. December 1959
  • Mary Jill Waddington
  • Teigue Peter Thorp
  • Shemus Keith Schubert
  • Cathleen Elizabeth Hanson
  • Oona Heather Watson
  • Aleel David Thackray
  • First merchant Barry Dixon
  • Second merchant Derek Steerman
  • Steward Trevor Drake
  • Porter Brian Durno
  • Peasants Heather Lomas, David McLean, Patricia Piercy, Peter Jaram, John Prest
  • Angel John Clifford

  • Producer Mr D J Lloyd
  • Stage management David Taylor, Samuel Bailey
  • Costumes and curtains Miss Roe, Mary Witty
  • Stage designs and effects Mr Lawley, Mr Greaves, Miss Roe
  • Sound effects Mr Greaves, David Taylor, David Greaves, John Hanson
  • Prompters Anthea Critchley, Jacqueline Geraghty
  • Lighting Mr Greaves
  • Make-up Mrs Jennings
  • House manager, publicity Mr Reed