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Malton Grammar School 1960

Murder In The Cathedral

A "cast" list appears in The Maltonian, No. 116

  • Thomas Becket Mr R W Lumb
  • Four tempters Mr V A Martindale, David Thackray,
    John Kirkham, Mr D J Lloyd
  • Three priests Brian Durno, Anthony Thorp, Kevin Delaney
  • Chorus: first voice Heather Watson
  • Second voice Elisabeth Crowther
  • Third Voice Joan Lindeman
  • Fourth voice Anne Hewitt
  • Fifth voice Elizabeth Hanson
  • Attendants Elizabeth Barker, Joan Sanderson, Margaret Fraser, Rosamund Downey, Stephen Boak, Anthony Kirby, Rodney Glover
  • Produced by Mr Leslie W Lawley
  • Choral chants composed by P T Taylor; singers Chris Clifford, David Shaw, Gerald Sykes, Peter Thorp, Mr Taylor
  • Stage manager Mr P G Mason
  • Electrician Mr J B Greaves
  • Set construction Mr A Dowding
  • Make up and costumes Mrs P M Jennings
  • Wardrobe Mary Witty
  • Prompt Joyce Hudson
  • Front of house publicity Mr J F Reed
  • Refreshments Miss K M Dawson
  • Treasurer and president Mr R B Rolls
  • Programme cover design Judith Dallimore

Christmas end of term shows appear to have been mainly the productions of plays in the years prior to 2000. 1960 was T S Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral, about Thomas Becket.

The cast was clearly a mix of teaching staff and students. The photographs below were donated to the archive by Alan Martindale, via Eddie Lucas in October 2008.