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Malton Grammar School 1965

A Christmas Carve Up

A "cast" list appears in The Maltonian, No. 121

  • Fight Fiercely Malton, Chorus
  • Compere:Richard Young
  • Mr Taylor impersonation: Allen Grice
  • Goliath of Gath (song) Philip Lonsdale
  • Ancient Briton, Malton policeman, beer-drinking tenor, soap-box parson Philip Lonsdale
  • Diverse parts Geoffrey Foster, Michael Bogue
  • Frankie and Johnny
  • Gang Show
  • I hear singing
  • Gojo type dancing
  • A Man's Castle (one act play)
  • Speech Day Speech
  • TV adverts (unnatural break)
  • Various un-named performers

  • This is your life Christopher Taylor
  • Piano Mr Taylor
  • P J Proby David Pay

Christmas end of term shows appear to have been mainly the productions of plays in the years prior to 2000. 1965 was an exception, when what looks to be a satirical revue was mounted. There don't appear to be any photos of the performance, but a cast list did appear in the Maltonian magazine (issue number 121).

A Christmas Carve Up 1965

A small fragment of a poster - or possibly the whole poster - was passed on to me by Rosy Taylor in 2017.