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Malton School Prospectuses 1930s to present day

There have been a number of publications which could be called prospectuses, though not all have been termed as such.

The first was a 12 page booklet in Mr Watt's time - 6 pages of information, 6 pages of postcard sized photographs.

In Mr Taylor's days (1951 - 1971) it appears that a prospectus come guide was issued to new parents, as suggested by the introductory page. The 1961 Prospectus is typical of this publication. Handwritten amendments to the 1955-6 front page lists suggest that money may have been saved some years by using up previously printed copies (unless the example we have is a proof for a new publication?).

Through the years commercially printed booklets gave way to in-house produced information booklets, using the reprographic machines that became available to schools. Eventually the circle turned, and once again commercial printing was used in the late 1990s. At first it was just for a folder, with school-produced information sheets inside, but by 2005 fully printed prospectus booklets were printed: as competition for students increased between the four Ryedale schools, and private schools, it was important to put the school ethos and image across as well as possible.

1930s Prospectus (Mr Watt's time)

1938 Prospectus

1956 Cover and front page lists

1961 Prospectus

1963 Prospectus pdf of front pages

1971 Information Sheet

1990s Prospectus

2005 Main school prospectus

2005 Sixth Form prospectus

2008 Sixth Form prospectus (cover)

2011 Prospectus