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Malton Grammar School Prospectus, pre 1936

A 12-page promotional booklet, published in Mr Watt's time in office, date unknown. The text and photos below are as they appear in the prospectus - the capital letters for nouns are not mis-typed, but the way things were done back then.

In 2017 Sue McIntyre sent another copy in having found it whilst sorting through her mother's belongings - Nancy Sonley. Nancy was born in 1915, so attended the school in the mid to late 1920s.

Rather than reprinting a no-doubt expensive booklet, amendments have been made by hand. The Chair of Covernors is Sir Alfred Lascelles, the fees are £15 guineas per year, or £5 guineas per term, and the requirement that "it is desirable that Boys wear dark suits" has been crossed out. School dinners had gone up from 6d to 9d per day, or 3/- for 5 whole school days a week. And the term started on 16 September.

Chairman of Governors - The Hon. H. W. Fitzwilliam
Headmaster - ERNEST L. WATT M.A., Cantab.

THE SCHOOL was originally founded in 1547 at Old Malton by Archbishop Holgate as a Free Grammar School, and is now regulated by two schemes, the first framed in 1908 by the Charity Commission, and the second in 1910 by the Board of Education, under the Endowed Schools Acts. The schemes provide that the School shall be open to Boys and Girls, and that it shall be managed by a body of Governors, at present twenty-three in number, the majority of whom are Representative Governors appointed by local authorities. 

Malton Grammar School Assembly Hall

The New Buildings were opened in 1911, and contain accommodation for 120 Boys and Girls. They comprise a large Hall, five Class-Rooms, Science Laboratories, a Laundry and Cookery Room, and a Woodwork Room; Cloak Rooms, Lavatories, and Cycle Sheds are provided. The rooms are all well lighted and ventilated; as the School stands on rising ground and with its Playgrounds and Playing Fields covers an area of about four acres between the Broughton and Middlecave Roads, its position leaves nothing to be desired.

Malton Grammar School Main Corridor

The Subjects taken in the School are such as are required to satisfy the Regulations of the Board of Education and the local education authorities for Public Secondary Schools and Pupil Teacher Centres. They include English Grammar and Literature, History, Geography, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Latin, French, Art, Cookery, Needlework, Manual Training in Woodwork, Housewifery, Vocal Music, Laundry Work, Drill, Chemistry and Physics practical and theoretical.
The rooms are all thoroughly equipped for the purposes for which they are set apart.


Application for admission must be made to the Headmaster. The lowest age of admission is eigkt years. It is very desirable that parents who propose to send their children to the School should send them at an age of not more than twelve years. By entering early, they are able to fall in with the general run of the School work more easily than if they enter at the age of thirteen or fourteen, and there is no break in the course of work at a critical period of school life. All applicants are expected to pass an Entrance Examination, and the standard required will vary according to the age of the applicant. The youngest candidates will be required to pass an examination in Reading, Spelling, and the first four Rules of Arithmetic.
Notice of the Entrance Examinations is published in the local papers before the beginning of each Term.

Malton Grammar School Assembly Hall

The Tuition Fee is 9 guineas a Year, or 3 guineas a Term, payable to the Hon. Treasurer, Mr. S. H. RUSSELL, at the Union of London and Smith's Bank, Malton, within two weeks of the beginning of each Term. This fee includes the cost of Stationery and Materials supplied in school work. Text Books and Drawing Instruments are supplied at cost price. A book-bill for the Term will be sent to each parent, and should be paid with the next Term's Fees. The subscription to the School Games' Club is 1/- a Term, and to the School Library, 6d. a Term. All pupils are expected to wear the School Colours, which are supplied, in the case of Boys' Caps and Girls' Hatbands, at 1/6 each.


Several Scholarships, giving exemption from Fees, are awarded annually by the Governors on the results of the July Entrance Examination. A number - ordinarily 25 per cent. of the total number of pupils admitted to the School during the previous year - of Free Places is offered at the beginning of each School Year to pupils entering from Public Elementary Schools, under certain regulations laid down by the Board of Education, concerning which information may be obtained from the Headmaster.


Before the withdrawal of a Boy or Girl, a half Term's written notice, addressed to the Headmaster, is required, failing which the payment of a full Term's fee will be enforced.


The School Year commences in September. It is divided into Three Terms, of about thirteen weeks each, beginning in September, January, and May. Parents should endeavour to send their children in September, so that the work can be taken up at the beginning of the School Year, and a continuous year's work can be done. The hours of attendance are from 9.30 to 12.30 on six mornings, and from 2 to 4 on four afternoons per week. There are Half Holidays on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, which are utilised for combined Games, under proper supervision.

Malton Grammar School Class room

Regular and Punctual Attendance is required. Pupils must not absent themselves from School for any reason, except illness, without the consent of the Headmaster. Irregularity in attendance and unpunctuality will be deemed sufficient grounds for refusing re-admission to the School.

Parents are particularly requested to assist in the observance of this Rule, and not to ask for their children to be away from School except for very good reasons. The School Holidays are long enough to afford abundant opportunities for social recreations, and such amusements should not be permitted to interfere with School life.

When Pupils return to School after absence, a note must be brought to School, giving the cause of absence. This note will, as a rule, be accepted as sufficient explanation, but the Governors reserve the right to demand a Medical Certificate.


A report of each pupil's conduct and progress is forwarded to the parents at the end of each Term. Each Boy and Girl is provided with a School Journal, in which are entered the marks gained for School work and the Home work to be done. Parents are requested to sign these Journals regularly each fortnight, and to interest themselves in the progress of the children. Any enquiries should be addressed to the Headmaster in writing.

Malton Grammar School Class room

All Boys and Girls are expected to join in Games, unless this is contrary to the advice of a medical man. All Games are conducted under the supervision of the Staff. It is highly desirable that boys and girls should keep at School an entire change of clothes for Games.


Simplicity and neatness of dress are insisted upon. A pair of slippers should be kept at School for indoor wear, and a pair of soft shoes for Physical Exercises. It is desirable that Boys wear dark suits. Boys and Girls should be provided with dark aprons to wear while doing Practical work. There are also a few rules with reference to the Dress, etc., of Girls attending the School.

Malton Grammar School Woodwork room

A School Dinner is provided for those who cannot get home to dinner. The charge is 6d a day or 1/9 for the four whole school days a week. Boys and Girls living at a distance from the School are not allowed to leave the grounds without permission during the dinner hour.


Pupil Teachers and Bursars are subject to the same regulations and have the same privileges as the other pupils in the School.


The School is inspected by the Inspectors of the Board of Education. Pupils are prepared for Matriculation and the Examinations for Pupil Teachers.