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MALTON (1963)

A 20-page prospectus, published circa 1963. Continued.

  • Navy Blue Tunic - Forms 1-111. Navy Blue Skirt - Forms IV-VI.
  • Pale Blue long-sleeved Blouse with collar.
  • Pale Blue short-sleeved Aertex-type Shirt for P.E. and Games.
  • Navy Blue Beret with badge. (Navy Blue waterproof hood on wet days only).
  • Gloves. Navy Blue.
  • Scarf. Regulation School Scarf only.
  • Socks. Pale Blue ankle or three-quarter length, official pattern only.
  • Stockings. Fawn or Brown shades.
  • Shoes. Black. Low heels. Wellingtons or Bootees may not be worn in class.
  • Coat. Navy Blue. Serge, gabardine or mackintosh.
  • Knickers. Navy Blue.
  • Navy Shorts for P.E.
  • Navy Blazer with School Badge.
  • School Tie.
  • Navy Cardigan.
  • Overall or Dustcoat for practical work.
  • Summer Dress in Pale Blue check pattern, as stocked by official suppliers only.
  • White Socks with Brown Sandals or Brown or Black Shoes.
  • N.B. (a) Items marked X are optional.
  • (b) Plimsolls are supplied free for P.E. if stocks and sizes are available.
  • (c) All girls must have a Towel at School.
  • Navy Blue Blazer with School badge, Cap and Tie.
  • Navy Football Shorts.
  • Football Boots.
  • A Sweater (as distinct from Pullover) is advisable for Games.
  • Overall, Dustcoat or Apron for practical work.
  • White P.E. Shorts and P.E. Vest.
  • N.B. (a) Plimsolls are supplied free for P.E. if stocks and sizes are available.
  • (b) All boys must have a Towel at School.
  • (c) The wearing of the School Cap is optional above Form III.
  • (d) Wellingtons may not be worn in class.
  • (e) Boys' Pullovers and Socks should be preferably grey, but must in any case be quiet in tone.

The official stockists are Messrs. Matterson of Goodramgate, York. The following arrangements have been made with them:

  1. When parents do not wish or are unable to go to York, Messrs. Matterson will at any time send garments to School. Parents wishing to avail themselves of this service should send details of size, measurement, etc., to School.
  2. A stock of School Caps, Cap Badges, Blazer Badges, Scarves, Ties and Girls' Socks is held at School and purchases may be made at any time.
  3. Messrs. Matterson, conscious of the fact that the initial purchase of full School Uniform is a matter of some expense, will upon request allow payment to be made in three equal instalments, one in each Term of the first year.
  4. Messrs. Matterson and the Headmaster are most anxious that any complaints or suggestions should be aired immediately. They will then do their best to meet them.
  • Hair must be short or plaited or tied back. Grips or plain brown slides may be worn.
  • No jewellery may be worn in School.
  1. HOMEWORK. For their child's sake parents are asked to ensure that this is done conscientiously and in a quiet atmosphere. The amount in each Form is as follows:
    • Forms I and II 2 subjects per night of 30 minutes each.
    • Forms III and IV 2 subjects per night of 45 minutes each or 3 of 30 minutes each.
    • Form V 2 hours per night.
    • Form VI A minimum of written work or private study of 5 hours a week for each main subject.
  2. ABSENCES. Pupils who have been absent through illness for one day or two days must bring a note of explanation on returning. If a pupil has to be absent for more than two days, a written explanation must be sent on the third day, by post if necessary. Permission to be absent for a whole or part of a day for other reasons than illness can be given only in exceptional circumstances and only upon a request in writing.
  3. CLOTHES must ALL be marked clearly with the owner's name.
  4. MONEY. It is strictly forbidden to leave money or valuables in cloakrooms or desks. Teachers are always ready to look after such property.
  5. LEAVING THE PREMISES. No pupil is allowed to leave the premises during school hours or during morning or dinner break without permission from the member of staff on duty.
  6. CYCLES. A cycle may be brought into school provided a stand is available. The pupil should bring a note requesting the use of a stand. The roadworthiness of cycles is the parents' responsibility.
  7. DANGEROUS ARTICLES. Pupils must not carry or wield articles or instruments likely to endanger the safety of their fellows or of the premises. Matches, fireworks and sheath knives are in this forbidden category.
  8. SCHOOL TRAVEL. For all considerations of good behaviour, proper uniform, tidiness and quietness the daily travel to and from school and travel on school games fixtures are deemed to be under the same rules as the actual attendance at School. In the case of visits, excursions, etc., organized by or through the School it shall be entirely at the discretion of the Headmaster and Senior Mistress whether or not School uniform is to be worn.
  9. INTERVIEWS. The Headmaster and Staff wish themselves to be regarded as at all times available for consultation and advice. If at all possible, an appointment should be made in advance; and parents who wish to interview members of Staff should arrange this through the Headmaster. The School Telephone Number is MALTON 333.