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In 1999 as part of the display mounted for the new library appeal, all Year 7 students were photographed with a book of their choice. We enjoyed the exercise so much we did it again, after the appeal was over and successful. This time photos were kept individually, though with some unusual sizes and resolutions.

Help with names is much needed: if you can name anyone please choose from the year group list below and let me know.

Darren Allanson, Sara Allingham, Christopher Anderson, Daniel Aylward, Gareth Barker, Robert Bean, Caroline Bell, Lawrence Borthwick. Peter Bowring, Aaron Bray, Ellen Brook, Michael Brown, Jonathan Brown, Robert Buczynski, Lucy Campbell, Lucy Carroll, Mark Chandler, Jennifer Chapman, Peter Clarke, Victoria Clay, Leanne Cook, Linda Cooper, Fergus Court, Philip Court, Ian Craggs, Emily Crowe, Andrew Dean, Shane Denney, Kerry Dennis, James Dickinson, Sarah Fairbairn, Laura-Jane Featherstone, Matthew Fish, Hannah Gibbon, Anna Gibson, Jemma Gill, Samantha Gill, Nicky Green, Charlotte Hall, James Harrison, Deborah Harsley, Brett Hazell, Katherine Heaney, Jason High, Nichola Hill, Richard Hindby, Matthew Hodgson, Natalie Hull, Rachel I'Anson, Sophie Jackson, Paul Johnson, Heather Johnstone, Liam Kneeshaw, Benjamin Knowlson, Joel Langford, Claire Lawtie, Joseph Leonard, Sinead MacMahon, Scott Magee, Laura Manning, William Marwood, Rachel M, Lee Milburn, Sarah-Rose Milner, Nicholas Morgan, Stephanie Mort, John Newton, Simon Pearson, Emma Pearson, Jonathan Pulleyn, Katherine Queen, Kimberley Race, Samantha Reed, Joanna Riby, Gavin Rice, Christopher Richards, Alexander Richardson, Rebecca Richardson, Andrew Richardson, Natasha Riley, Georgina Scott, Benjamin Seed, Benjamin Smith, Phillip Smith, Nathan Stone, Shaun Suffield, Simon Sutcliffe, Emma Swift, Luke Thompson, Kimberly Thornley, Daniel Wade, Laura Wilford, Paul Wood, Elizabeth Wright, Shane Wright, Liam Wright, Kate Wylie.