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Eleanor Orr came to Malton Grammar School in 1935, later married the Headmaster Thomas Arthur Williams, and continued to serve the school until its conversion to Malton School in 1971. She then did a further year at the new comprehensive to help the transition. 
She lived on Middlecave Drive, and maintained a keen interest in the school and its development. She died in December 2004, when I wrote a few biographical notes after attending her memorial service at St Michael's church.
She donated a photograph album to the school in 2001, and pictures from this album have now been scanned.  Many do have details, I think some were added by her daughter Angela. Not all the photos are on these 2 pages - some have yet to be scanned, others appear in other galleries on the website.
She gave an interview in March 2002 - a transcription of which is on the site.