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The Maltonian Web Gallery - Malham Geography Field Trip 1977

A selection of photographs taken by a professional photographer who accompanied John Dunstan, Eddie Lucas and Year 10 geographers in a trip to the Yorkshire Dales in summer 1977.  They were found in the Geography store cupboard by Head of Geography Rob Cook, in May 2010.

John Dunstan provided some details about the photos:

A firm of school photographers came by one day touting for business. Although there was no conventional business for them, for some reason Eddie Lucas spoke to them and said the geography department was having a trip to Malham. They were welcome to come along and take photos but it would be a long walk. They agreed and took photos, mainly of children because they were wanting to sell them, and the school got a set of prints and a filmstrip. We took the 4th year geography sets, I can't remember if the Lower Sixth came as well. it would have been in July 1977 after exams. I don't think the school did work experience in those days.

Here is the list of names from my mark book. I don't have Eddie's of course.
Set 4.5 (must have been set against French as they are nearly all boys) David Allan; Stuart Ellis; Gavin Ewing; Philip Leeson; Mark Naylor;
Clive Richardson; David Salmon; Anna Massie; Glenda Parry; David Bland; Nigel Laws; Mark Suddaby; Jill Brewster; Tony Campbell; Brian Clifford; Duncan Graham; Christopher Jarvis; David Jefferson; Neil Paylor; Jennifer Milner; David Howarth; Ian Pearson; Paul Wright; Julie Dobson; Ione Stansfield.
Set 4.6 Ramsay Gilderdale; Angela Howgate; Elizabeth Barnes; Valerie Shipley; Jane Ward; Martin Gollaglee; Helen Challis; Susan Crosier; Beverly Ellwood; Melanie Rowe; Julia Mason; Sally Patterson; Margaret Thompson; Gillian Wentworth; Ian Lucas; Ian Thompson; Gillian Blenkin; Julie Knights; Sarah Pope; Amanda Smith.