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The Maltonian Web Gallery - 1980s - from Adrian Everitt

Adrian Everitt was a teacher at Malton School 1980 - 1984. He has lived in Lima, Peru for many years, and in 2008 sent me a number of photographs and documents from his time at the school. He responded to my email about the new site in 2014, prompting me to put this collection on to the site. This consists of photos from four plays. First, from December 1981, photographs from three one-act plays by Ted Hughes - Beauty and the Beast, The Coming of the Kings, and Tiger Bones. Adrian also sent a programme and press report. Second a play called Kidnapped at Christmas, (which may be connected to Vacuees, I am not clear on this). And third a play and project called Vacuees, in which students appear to have collected information and stories about the evacuees during World War II.