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The Maltonian Web Gallery - Switzerland Trip 1985

Richard Peters lent me these photos to scan back in 2003. He didn't provide any names or details - but from the Facebook traffic generated by posting these on the Maltonians Facebook page, a few facts have emerged. Chris Gill commented: "Travelled through Germany with an overnight stay by the Rhine and into Switzerland staying in Interlaken for about week then overnight stay in Paris on the way home. It was a joint trip with Easingwold school as Mrs Smith, teacher at Malton arranged it for Malton pupils and Mr Smith was a teacher at Easingwold would have been in May 1985". A few names were thrown up - Melanie Wright, Liz Cook, Paula Cook, Jason Hick, Chris Gill, Debbie Delaney, Liz Hudson, Heidi Fox, James Morris, Anselm Dorman?, Viv from Whitwell. I have tried to attribute names where I can.
The Heads Report for 1984-5 describes the trip as "8 days in the Bernese Oberland, Easter 1985. "