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The Maltonian Web - Rewards Trips and Activity Day

Annual Rewards Trips

Mr Williams introduced a September Rewards Trip in 2007. Students with a good record the previous year (not too many detentions and no exclusions I think) were invited to have a day at a local theme park in late September or early October. Those not invited spent the day in school on a modified timetable.

The initial venue was Lightwater Valley near Ripon, which had the advantage of being open exclusively for Malton School on the day. Other years Flamingoland was chosen, which had the advantage of being nearer, and a number of students having free passes, but this was still open to the general public at this time of year.

I stayed in school supervising those who didn't go in the first year, but in subsequent years I went and spent the day taking photos, hence there are pictures from 2008 to 2011. There may be others from students and staff.

Activity Days

Prior to the Reward Trips, there was an annual Activity Day, or Citizenship day, in the final week of the summer term, organised by Mrs Green. Students could choose from a variety of activities near and far, events such as school based archery or crafts, orienteering inDalby, skating in Castleford, or theme park trips. I was often completing the timetable on these days, but did organise orienteering in Dalby forest a couple of times, and I did take a few photos of on-site events.

Activity Days