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Year 11 leavers' proms

Year 11 started to organise a leavers' prom in 2003, coinciding with the arrival of Jon Steel as Head of Year 11. The first event was held in the school hall on Tuesday 13 May, when most of Year 11 attended. The night was efficiently organised by Nikki Freer, Sophie G., Daniel Bulmer and John Hodgson - the Head Boy and girl team. During the early years of the event, they took place in early May, just before study leave was granted and before most of the main exams were scheduled. In later years the rules changed, there was no study leave, and students stayed at school until exams were over, then had their prom night.

The events start with the arrivals - all kinds of vehicles drop off their charges, ranging from limousines, to giant tractors, to horse and carriage, to double decker bus, and more. Many friends and relatives gather to watch these entrances, and many photographs are taken outside before entering the hall for the disco. I think it is a surprising fact that there hasn't been a rainy night yet to prevent this photo session.

The events have stayed in the school hall every year - the choice of the students.

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