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The Maltonian Photo Gallery - panoramic photographs

It was possible to get the whole school on one photograph with a panoramic photo camera. It is supposed to be possible for someone to appear on both ends - by running from one end to the other whilst the camera rolls across the gathered crowd - but I haven't yet found one where this is the case.  I have heard that these were taken every other year, alternating with group and form photos, but the dates don't quite bear this out.

The photos  are quite long, and therefore not easy to scan: typically requiring three A4 scans.  These scans  have then been digitally stitched back together - sometimes less seamlessly than others!

Originals are stored rolled up in tubes in the Maltonian archive section of the library, or in their wood and glass frames.

The photos are too long to fit on the screen without making them tiny, so most have been converted to a pdf file. With the usual pdf reader you can then enlarge to suit, and scroll in any direction. A couple have been enlarged using some scrolling code (1934, 1939)- please let me know which method is easiest to view.