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A History of Holgate Hospital

Archbishop Holgate Hospital, Hemsworth, near Wakefield

Holgate Hospital, Hemsowrth, 2006

I spent an enjoyable couple of hours at Holgate 'Hospital' on 22 August 2006, in the company of the hospital 'porter' Mike Thorley.  Hospital is used in the older sense of the word - hospitality.  The site is a community of 24 cottages provided for the over 60's of the parish.

Mike Thorley in 2006

'Porter' is a carry over from the past - Mike is caretaker, gardener, site manager, curator, organiser and a host of other jobs all of which keep the place running and orderly. He is holding the History of Archbishop Holgate's hospital booklet produced to mark the 450th anniversary of Holgate's death.

More photographs and information about the hospital are on the Archbishop Holgate Hospital Gallery page.