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Easter Shows

From 2001 - 2012 the traditional Easter concert, at the end of the spring term, became an Easter Show, widening its activities to include dance, comedy and drama. They were initially recorded on VHS video, but the quality is not great. Later shows were recorded digitally, and produced on DVD. At their height these were sold in considerable numbers, which together with sell out performances on two nights, boosted the funds to improve stage lighting and sound systems.

Rather than full shows appearing here, short clips will appear, more in keeping with the YouTube mode of operating. Sadly the earlier shows (pre-2006) are on VHS, and the recording quality is poor. There may be a possibility of improving this at sometime by going back to the originals.

The videos are avaiable on YouTube, which has a Maltonians channel. They can be opened and played below, either in reduced size or full screen size.