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Maltonian Video Gallery - Year 11 leavers

Year 11 Prom, last day and final assembly videos

A Year 11 prom first happened on Mr Steel's arrival in 2002. It all tied in with a determined effort by staff to celebrate Year 11's time at school with them, and move away from the old idea that on their final day they played tricks, including eggs and flour battles. This worked, and the Prom and final days have become enjoyed by all, a true celebration of happy times at school. The videos here are from the last few years - the final assembly became larger and larger, with more and more content, until it took the entire afternoon of the final timetabled day. There are also some Leavers' booklets available (or will be)

The videos are avaiable on YouTube, which has a Maltonians channel. They can be opened and played below, either in reduced size or full screen size.